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  • I can't sorry. Welcome is my first RP so I'm taking it slow. Plus summer break comes in three weeks for me and I sign off then.
    Well, what's a rough outline of it?

    Give me a less-then-fifty-word summary.

    when I read Alchemy's bio i edited mine, it was just guardian that helped him. Also, I figured that Sorrow would capable of appearing to people in any look that he pleases.
    its fine. we need a few control freaks here and there anyway's... lol.. just send what you get done and i'll get that bio redone.. woot. *blows into a noisemaker*
    oops.. was i supposed to get a template for alchemy from you? oops.. i thought i had to make a template... only reason i ask is that you posted while i was typing... so is current temp exnay? or somehow good? idk...
    well i'm not officially in Org XV yet. but i did apply and i have a good feeling, Heroes just started up and Org V is looking like it might flop. so currently i'm in two rps. ^^;;;
    Unfortunately as of right now I am booked for RP's Org XV, Heroes, Fate of Man and Org V. however if one of the rps i'm in should stop or get old soon i'll keep in mind yours.
    Okay, that's it. I'm officially freaked out. He's about the same height as myself, give or take and inch or two. But anyways, you stated that you were trying to think of more powers for him? Well, there is always the forgotten element of Earth. I've already got a few things in mind for someone with the powers of Earth. Mostly because of someone I'm using in a battle.
    Are you spying on me? There's so many similiarities between Guardian and myself that it ain't funny. Makes me want to lood around for hidden cameras and microphones in my house. ^_^

    But yea, I can play him no problem. I've done myself once before so it should be fairly easy.
    No problem. I write too and I know how it can get when you don't really know what all to write. Nice way to manipulate though. Very smart.
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