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  • I'll look into it, I've been focusing my attention towards another RPing forum, recently. But I'll check it out.
    Skitty might be a dead end. She's one of the friends that I mentioned. But then again, she might have cleared up her schedule a bit since I last asked her.
    Then again, I'm bogged with my own RP so I can't promise you that I will join. Thanks, but no thank you.
    Nope, still a Twilighter. The movie sucked though, very badly. I don't scream whenever I see a "hot" vampire or Edward Cullen, I'm not that much of a fan girl. In fact I got the screaming fan girls kicked out of my movie theater for giggling whenever they see a vampire on the screen.

    Gotta sleep now. Night
    Ex twilighter? (Anti...sorry)

    It would be fun, I just don't have the time!

    Timefixer is loosely Yu-Gi-Oh (So loosely I changed the only YGO character's name, only to change it back since there wasn't an original story section yet) the rest are KH. and I h ave plans for 2 original stories.
    Same here, I do fanfics (embarrassingly) to work on my skills. I haven't read 1984, but my younger brother has read Fahrenheit 451, because there was no good books in class so my teacher gave it to him. I want to read it! Yeah, I was jealous.

    BTW, why'd you ask me to join?

    (sigh) I want to read. I'm trying to read Tale of Two Cities, but I don't have the time (studying)
    Ah.. I joined Feb 08... so I wouldn't know you. I thought I would, I've gotten to name recognition on most of the Premium and platinums here. That's why.

    School is stressful, I'm trying to convince my brain to edit my paper... -_- not working.
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