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    still here huh

    still here huh
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    New Forum Software

    yoooo we can say fuck again
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    So I beat it. Loved the gameplay/worlds and some of the more hype moments, i.e. Yen Sid, Lingering Will, etc.. But yeah, the story jumps head first off a cliff once you reach The Final World. Glossing over shit like Luxord's card and LW vs. Terranort was an... interesting decision. The endgame...
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    what it do, sora/riku/kairi here. just wanted to stop by and say hello and god bless. gee what has happened since i last posted on khi i’ve been eating a lot of salad lately. it’s pretty bland but it lowers my cholesterol. i’ve been listening to a lot of old rapmen like biggie smalls...
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    RIP DM

    this shit depresses me ;_;
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    KILLIN THE RAP GAME LIKE ITS NOTHIN COUNTIN DUCKETS LIKE ITS NOTHIN https://soundcloud.com/lilsmegma/haagen-dazs-feat-yung-sizzle
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    In regards to a Kingdom Hearts film

    Now, this is a shot in the dark, but with how Disney loves milking their franchises - and has succeeded in doing so - anything is possible, right? So, with the release of the Maleficent film yesterday and the announcement of the Little Mermaid live-action film in March, it's likely the...
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    -smokes a fat blunt-

    put one in the air for the easter bunny!!
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    um so what are you guys doing

    So, I wanted to make this for the DM veterans like myself to see if people still do graphic and traditional deisgn, and in which ways they are utilizing their talent. It's been a long time since I've seen people like Eli, Sean, and Pablo in here. It'd be cool if coming back to the section and...
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    Music ► King Krule

    Archy Marshall, also known by his stage name King Krule (as well as his former, Zoo Kid) is an 18-year-old experimental artist from England. Recently gaining praise from major artists such as Beyonce and Frank Ocean, Marshall earned his buzz through the internet, attracting listeners with an...
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    Music ► What's In Your iTunes / last.fm / Music Recommendation Thread

    so i guess the old "what bands do you listen to" thread got deleted or something cus i can't find that shit anywhere, or the last.fm thread, OR ANYTHING, so i'm making a new one cus finding new music and sharing it with others is awesome, and i hope i find some good bands/artists through you...
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    Theory: Now that KH III has been announced...

    It has me thinking we could end up seeing a secret ending added to the NA version of 1.5. First off, before you read any further, I may just be an idiot and Nomura has already spoken on this recently since I haven't read anything from him on the remake because I'm not really THAT hyped for it...
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    Queen Witch

    wanted to make something lo-fi so ya i still suck at tagging was listening to this while making it btw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UabPllzlwM&feature=related
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    song/tag a day thing

    doing one of those tags inspired songs things for the 7 days cus i never finished mine last summer, and hopefully it will help me get back into the swing of things. and maybe it'll put you guys on some new tunes as well! Day I: A$AP Rocky - Ridin' [feat. Lana Del Rey] FWpzi7X2ut4 also i got...
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    maybe i should stop with these threads idk

    reminds me of '09 shit. shouts to livi and eli and salty and pablo and sir jecht and elle still trying to get back into this tagging thing. this is like my 6th tag since december and i've forgotten a lot :$