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  • Also 2 funfacts:

    1. The wi-fi adaptor broke, so i'm using really laggy phone internet and that's why my replies take ages. Sorry in advance and

    2. Guess who got their braces off today? B3
    x.x *dies*

    REALLY? REALLY REALLY?? *U* Fame and fortune is almost within our grasp... But the real important thing is that Emotikan is loved. ;w;

    ;A; aksjx;jc Well I have been hopping onto Skype the past few days, but nobody was on (of course I was going on during the day sooo), but but tomorrow i'll be on my mom's computer (she'll be out shopping for my grad party) so if you guys could find a way to get on... c:

    I do have to get my recording done for the new khi Sings project before skyping, but it shouldn't take too long. So it depends on if you guys are busy tomorrow.
    I totally only just realized that you are who you are.

    When did you get the name change?
    Long time no chat! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tooooooooooooooo looooooooooooooong!!!!

    Haha, how you been? Hope the answer is very well!
    ;-; I know you probably won't want to discuss it on here, but I can try and get on Skype later if you need to talk about anything. I feel really bad that you're having to go through all that stuff, and I feel like a failure as a friend because there's not much I can do aside from being there to talk. :c

    Ooh, you need to send me a track to listen to when it's finished. c: ...yes, I am prepared to let my ears bleed. ;~; So do you plan to get into music as a career?

    I...i've been, uh...well, i'm working on getting into music. :x I decided last year, but i've basically been just attempting to learn sheet music (not getting very far lol). I don't expect to become a pro, but I really really love music, sooo...

    Ooh and, Ty. Ty. TY. YOU NEED TO PLAY ZELDA SKYWARD SWORD. IT IS AWESOME. I know you said your mom always steals the Wii, but but but ;-;
    I only recognized you by the "currently playing - UMvC3" (...ok, and the Batman avvy)


    oh yeah so what's up c: and how is the music coming along?
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