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  • Hi, Dyed Red. Sorry I missed your post. I haven't been on for awhile with everything going on. That's good to hear that your finally done with your first semester and your on break. Really? Awesome! Why does the ending upset you for? I heard rumors there might be a season 2 but I'm not sure. Nope I don't know who they are. Are they a band or something? I'm doing alright, probably won't be on much tho.
    i think thats why everyone liked it >X'D its proven just sitting and thinking how many DBZ games you wish SS4 appeared in (ya know b4 it started to)
    yeah something bout GT seems to be lacking compared to DBZ just cant tell what tho.
    long time ago so memory is rusty but i did read the manga nearly a year ago xD
    there making a new kenshin i think.
    your right he did have slight influence in GT but thats all i believe tho he did like SS4 enough to make his own illustration of it once.
    yeah the art and story arent the same but thats to be expected Toriyama didnt create GT his manga ended with buu's defeat so in a way GT isnt even canon to the original manga story by him.
    SS4 Gogeta in the last episodes was boss no one can deny it!
    i can get into it but i dont like it as much as the actual DBZ story. only after SS4 was shown xD
    lol parents be damned my dad got annoyed by an c's or d's i got but i didnt care~
    fine watched DBGT today.
    i know how you feel i hated school with a passion, bitched every day til i left.
    tho never had AP work xD i was a pro underachiever ~
    Hey, it's good to see you again Dyed Red. So how are things with you lately? Have you kept up with Durarara? Do anything new or exciting?
    >XD muwhahahahahah! yes, YES! tell me how school annoys you!
    pfft thats not the only stupid things schools do.
    heh heh yes suffer >:D i did for 12 years its bout time i get to see others have to go while i dont!
    summer vacation? are you in college?
    :D great! i think you'd like it once you read more.
    Lol I know right. I was completely blown away by Celty! It was so super wicked awesome that I look forward to next weeks Durarara!! I laughed at Simons expression when Celty went all out like that. That was just great XD
    :3 told'ya you'd like it, they've been slow on the chapter updates tho and there missing 53. which character did you like most?
    Oh. Wow how long is it suppose to last for?

    Lol. But I don't wanna XD I guess I could read a book or something.
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