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  • oh ya lol was wondering what was wrong with when they showed that pix the first time lol that does look like if that dark thorn hit him he might hit himself with his own keyblade lol. the re: coded trailer is coming out this weekend? thought the trailer be out in dedcember. lol thats true another kh game thats coming out so close to bbs, can't wait. hope it explains everything about what mickey was doing not only during kh1but why did he have a different keyblade before in bbs and what was happening with him and riku in kh 358/2 days and kh 2 too. wonder what would happen if mickey fought MX again after he comes back, what do you think what would happen?
    lol now that you mentioned that part about roxas being sarcastic and can be angered, sora in kh 2 has shown some of those traits a few times. seems to me that all through kh 2, sora has been influenced by roxas, weird huh. kh 3d might be the data ansem was talking about, along with xion and riku, sora and roxas's memories put together. would explain the twilight thorn. i can't remember the way sora held the keyblade in that pix you mentioned. i'll have to see it again, but you said it looked painfully the way he held the keyblade? this will be interesting ^_^ lol
    thats true oathkeeper mostly is hers and that keyblade does suit her considering the promise they made and what you said. the reason i said i hope xion would be in kh 3ds was because since she was a collection of memories from sora and riku and on destiny islands we see a kh 1 sora and riku along with a twilight thorn in travese town just looking at that and what other people have said about it too, i'm just thinking xion might be the main character in this game. your brother is getting 358/2 during christmas lol sounds like a good holiday present lol. axel is cool who wouldn't like him. almost forgot, i agree with you on roxas being a bit dark and why he carries oblivion, roxas went through alot. he is almost like the opposite of sora after xion went back to sora.
    lol ya thats probably what her clothes would look like. I was actually suprised when i saw him summon xion's keyblade then they transformed into oathkeeper and obilvion. only thing i couldn't figure out was which keyblade was xion's. that would have been cool for him to wield two kingdom keys all the way to he got to the tower. this game made me sad and angry for what the organiztion did to roxas and xion. but i bet you anything that roxas never forgot about xion cus of the fact that he still wields her keyblade. hope xion comes back in kh 3ds that'd be cool, she needs her own game too ^-^. thats cool that your brother is getting the game too, lucky i have no relitives or friends who play the game T-T square enix should have made connect to a wii system and made it so you could play wih other people online lol. hope your brother enjoys the game.
    lol i know, this game made me like roxas even more, the game explained everything about roxas and axel and why roxas had two keyblades. xion was one of the best characters in 358/2 days, i almost cried when she died T_T. that is true roxas in his original clothes would have been a nice addition to the game. dual wielding roxas ftw ^_^. wonder what xion's normal clothes would look like, lol probably a combination of sora and xion.
    lol good job dude. lol her cartwheels do make you dizzy but its fun plus what the game says at the beginning that she's nimble it wasn't joking lol. ah nothing much i started playing kh 358/2 days again. i still can't see why people would hate it.
    lol it should be easier for you bout now considering you did beat MF. plus Aqua's dodge is the best conpared to the other two. and thats great that you've almost beaten him keep it up and you'll win ^-^
    nope, i've been training aqua. lol i found an even easier way to beat MF.its on spoilers, its called alternate MF strategy. in certain ways aqua is even easier to use then ven so some of MF's attacks might become easier to dodge with her.
    lol your welcome and great job. no name really is a cool keyblade ^_^. hey are gonna try beating him with terra and aqua now?
    you almost beat him too, good job to you too. lol thats a good way of leveling up i'll have to try it too. villian vendetta is kinda hard. when you get to iron prisoner 4 again , he's even tougher to beat.
    lol your welcome, hey i almost beat MF with ven today. i was about 2 bars away from beating him it was so close lol . hey if you want your arena level to go up all you need to do is play the game boards and racing games, that should help your arena level
    lol your welcome, you needed help so i helped you, nothing wrong with that. lol also i found a bunch of replys to this person's post that couldn't beat iron prisoner IV those replys should help. the post is in the spoiler section and its called Iron prisoner IV hope this helps.
    you used the rock too, lol VS is a easier because of the rock while MF just keeps jumping around. here is way how to beat MF i read this off of some guys post, all you have to do equip a bunch of thunder or fire surges and have at least three curagas too. that all the guy had on his post. it actually works i've gotten MF's hp to about almost half using ven with that strategy. also i'll see if i can find a strategy on how to beat the keepers of the arena with ven. the first one is hard to get past
    T_T i had to use the rock to beat VS. MF's attacks for me are easier to see cus with VS he'll knock you out with one hit no matter what, which always made me nerves and mess up T_T. MF to me is a bit of an easier challenge because he doesn't move as fast as VS in certain ways
    lol i know, the attacks that really get you are his shooting orbs and that attack where he jumps in the air and snags you and takes out most of your hp. but at least he's not like vanitas's sentiment
    thanks man lol i had to change the avatar cus it was considered a spoiler still but i think i found a decent replacement for it though. who ever made this pic was really good
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