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  • Yup Naruto is Japanese Anime, I am kind of good at drawing, but still need lot's of practice but I'm not bad, Naruto looks pretty good :) And yes I like to draw. Except I am having an art block so it makes it harder to draw ;-/

    Also Drew Sasuke as well, he looks good.
    isn't the riku in kh3d different from the real riku so how come can't have that ability?

    lol exactly, he challenges terra aqua and ven to test them and see if they can beat MX ^_^.

    nothing much just been reading about dissidia 012, kh 3d and ff13 versus and agito, how bout you what you been up to?
    lol true her charm is the best because it makes oathkeeper. i know tarzan's world was the best, but we can't have it anymore because something happened with the person who owned it or something like that, can't remember. ya i think he'll be on the good side too since we haven't seen him using his dark aura form yet. he probably won't, think i saw a scan of him running with soul eater so he might not use way to dawn. but if he uses it then SE should make his limit break turn him into xehanort's heartless now that be nice.

    lol i know, MF repp is destroyed completely cus of us lol. he will be what you least expect, an that diseny character will be........Goofy. he ditched his shield and taken up daggers, he now on the dark side, but for what reason lol.
    lol thats true, but she was able to stand her ground in the world that never was when riku gave her the keyblade. lol ya wonderland was one of the most annoying worlds to go to cus of the paths in that world zigzaged across each other. agrabah wasn't that bad SE just needs to show newer parts of the world instead of the same areas over and over again, like if SE made it so we could run around the sultan's castle in kh 2 and 358/ 2 days now that would have been better.

    Re: coded is gonna be so cool, just wonder what riku's s data self will be like?

    lol like chip and dale's voice's lol, MF would be too funny if he got a voice like that lol. imagined if he screamed lol he'd blow windows around your tv lol and break the tv's sound speakers too lol.
    oops lol forgot about that last part i know completely agree now but was looking forward to seeing kairi using the keyblade T_T oh well lol ^_^.

    i know its almost like a remake of kh 1 cept hopefully wonderland isn't as annoying, it was a good world but just couldn't help but get annoyed at how you had to zigzag all over the place. miss tarzan T_T, best world ever. ya since its sora it makes the game even more fun. sora, roxas, xion, ven, vanitas, data sora too many soras lol.

    i know MF probably was testing them the same way xemnas tested sora to for shadow something big thats gonna happen in the future.
    ya know SE they'll have way more stuff on kh bbsfm including MF saying something that involves time and talking about what terra ven and aqua's rules are gonna be when his time comes. MF is gonna have alot of time puns like how xemnas had with nothingness and anger and hatered lol

    ya can't wait till the new ending comes out online too lol
    sysem and game has even better graphics then 358/2 days plus the story is going to be great too. i know, roxas, xion and ven were fun alternate soras to play as but the original is always more fun
    ya MF most likely is a new character, wondering if he is a good or bad person. lol he seems in a way a good character maybe, lol might be because of the way his blades look lol. lol would be funny if MF was a girl using the darkness to change her physical appearance under her cloak lol. or he could be the original founder of organization 13, lol number 0 The Passage of Time.

    yup this game is gonna be great, almost as good as bbs. yup i spoiled myself on kh bbs a bit like you and spoiled myself on 358/2 days too. only spoiled myself because i got too excited lol be strong don't let the internet tempt you with it's vast knowledge of kh: recoded. just keep yourself occupied with something else and you won't spoil yourself on it.
    lol i agree but disagree at the same time on the riku scenario i'm a bit confused on how noruma is gonna pair up sora riku donald and goofy. just can't help but feel like noruma is gonna just have sora only go with donald and goofy, while riku goes with mickey. either this or mickey might get captured by some unknown enemy (master xehanort or vanitas) and sora donald goofy riku and kairi (i put kairi because she said she didn't want to be left behind in kh2 world that never was anymore and she probably will be able to wield destiny's embrace properly in kh3) will have to go and find mickey . final battle will be vanitas possessing ven's body again ^_^. like aqua in kh bbs sora will have the main story ^_^.

    true but kh 3d looks more like bothe their story.

    O_O i missed that dang now that you mentioned it data sora is finally the first sora we get to play as in five years since kh2 (besides re: com) now you've gotten me even more excited foe re: coded ^_^ can't wait. every world has a different battle
    the ps3 ^_^. i'm sure donald goofy and riku will be partners (riku every once in a while) in kh3, wouldn't be right to cut them out like that and that sora would be lost without those three lol

    its gonna be really good but it will most likely come out in na and eu in late 2011 T_T. i know what you mean i've been spending my money like crazy on games too.
    in some way yes but i'm not 100% on this. since all keyblades that have no master whether temporary or forever end up in the keyblade graveyard. either they're keyblades are there or in some other place thats the opposite of the keyblade graveyard since roxas and xion can still summon their keyblades somehow by getting sora to summon them for them. who is the MF lol i haven't gotten around to beating him yet. vanitas should be if master xehanort is beaten before him which should happen hopefully. i haven't played halo 3, but i was refering to sora and riku having separate scenarios like terra aqua and ven had, plus it would make kh3 a lot more fun since riku is a keyblade master and since he has only been fully playable once it would be pretty cool to play as him again. riku's story would work like ven's in a way having him fight only near the true final boss and in sora's story have him fight along side sora as, like you said a partner against the true final boss. Co-op mode would be nice for a kh game on
    almost forgot this a spoiler of the new dissidia you can't ignore lol tifa, kain and lightning are three characters that were revealed in a japanese trailer of the new dissidia.
    i know when this game comes out to the na the first character i'm playing as is sephiroth lol its funny to hear his theme song when your playing as him lol. who are you gonna play as first? lol its i actually thought of how they are the opposite of each other when you mentioned that they were rivals so i thank you lol. ultimecia and seifer against squall and maybe another hero like Quistis (hopefully Quistis) now that'd be sweet. also Quistis would make a good addition to the game too since we need more female characters and she uses a whip something in my opinion is very unique and rare since not alot of ff characters use a whip.
    mysterious figure. in kh3 we might be able to play as sora and riku in kh 3 since they are both considered the heroes of the worlds in the blank points in kingdom hearts birth by sleep. so vanitas might be the final boss after master xehanort is beaten for both sora and riku other than yay we really did figure whats gonna happen in the end of kh3 ^_^ good job for us. lol it'd be funny in kh3d if xion met data sora and riku from kh re: coded
    might be at the keyblade graveyard with roxas's keyblade since they can't use their keyblades for now because they went back to sora. lol i know feel the same and why did xion attack roxas and where did she get all those forms from and her keyblade had been created somehow. maybe from sora's memories so that might be the reason its fake. yes but the thing thats still missing in the plot for our theory in kingdom hearts 3 is riku, master xehanort and
    oops sorry about that
    true considering xemnas and vexen would only know where her keyblade came from
    lol i know like vanitas comes back and stole mickey's keyblade and then fought sora and forged the x-blade
    lol now only that but it completely surpasses kh 358/2 days in graphics and gameplay
    the second dissidia has more characters more things to do and you get to play as heroes and villains in this one ^_^
    exactly the reason why seifer should be in the second dissidia because he is pretty much the opposite of the squall in every way only similarities they even have are using gunblades and having the same scar on their faces. plus it would be funny seeing seifer call tidus a chicken wuss because of the similar personality he has with zell lol
    mend them from their hurting who the heck was stupid enough to put that in a kh game. sounds like what a three year old would say lol. hey do you know about the new final fantasy dissidia game? its gonna awesome, the only thing i'm wondering about is why do people not want ff8 seifer in the game with squall. some people say that they fight too similar lol, i play half way through ff8 and watched seifer and he doesn't even fight like squall the similar things they even have are face scars and gunblades, and i note that even their gunblade designs are different,even their fighting stances and the way they hold they're gunblades are different lol. what do you think, do think they should put seifer in for dissidia game
    lol ya. thanks dude but it does make sense to make sora's other selves (vanitas being there because of ven) because in kh 3 it'll be good to show the main character's past selves kinda like what they do in marvel games. that is a good theory but xion's keyblade was turned into oblivion in kh 358/2 days when roxas got it, but that is still a good theory and it still might happen somehow too knowing noruma. but what about mickey 's keyblade would be funny if sora's kingdom key and mickey's kingdom key D were the separated halves of the x-blade considering sora's kingdom key is from the realm of light and mickey's kingdom key D is from the realm of darkness. thats true kingdom key needs more love too. lol mickey's star seeker in kh re: coded is gonna be awesome ^_^
    khinsider error kept repeating my posts. and sorry i had to make my post into one sentence or two so i could answer your post cus every time i tried posting all my separated posts together it kept saying there was an error and i wasn't logged in when i was logged in.
    thanks it makes sense since nobody for the time being is threatening the realm of light mickey can relax and use star seeker again for smaller matters like in re: coded
    i agree i hope the drive bar comes back too. but the only change it needs is how long you stay in the drive form like make the drive gauge go down slower so you can get a better thrill out of it
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