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  • Right now I just don't have a favorite.. Avatar was good, but I know not everyone thinks so.. so that's alright :) I just like it cause I thought it was cool.

    I like other movies too, just hard to remember what ones I have seen recently. That's why I picked Avatar cause that was the first movie I could think of. lol.

    So yeah I just don't really have a favorite, I like lots of movies, but it's hard to remember them all, so I usually don't have a favorite cause theres to many movies I have seen.

    Yeah there's always that pull in horror movies that freak you out but makes you want to watch it even more. Video games like Fatal Frame or Resident Evil do the same thing.. lol nervously just thinking about it makes me want to watch videos of these two games on youtube until I scare myself.

    And I haven't really found the movie that makes me want to watch it over and over again yet.

    So as for a favorite thing.. I think it would be books. Cause I read a lot =) How about you?
    Yup, I readied most of the KH manga which was pretty good an funny and exactly the same as the video game :)

    AC brother hood comes out tomorrow, going to be an awesome game. Wonder how hard the bosses will be this time.

    Movies.. well I really liked Avatar, don't really have a favorite, also like transformers. But if it's a funny movie or a really good movie thats usually how I decide on movies. Don't really care for horror movies but I have seen The Ring.
    No actually I just like using smiley faces :) lol I usually don't use them that often. And that's okay about the joke.

    Well I read manga but I used to have a few Xmen comic books. A favorite thing.. Hmm I will have to think about it cause there's a lot of stuff that I like. Lol

    Alrighty then glad to help ya find something new to read.
    :) lol Nope not Vincent Valentine, Just Valentine. Yet why does Vincent Valentine sound so familiar?

    Yeah the vampires and werewolves aren't in it that much just here and there, it's mostly a about a bunch of shadow hunters and a few demons an it's pretty good series. I was surprised when the author decided to make a fourth one but it won't be out until next year :)

    I used to play pokemon a lot on nintendo 64, and the gameboys. Collecting the cards, and watching the anime on tv. :) good times.

    Yup AC Brotherhood can't wait to see what happens next =) so excited.

    I agree the Star wars movies were a lot better, the anime is okay, but I like the movies better :)

    Yeah, I wish the guy who writes the Eragon series would make the fourth one soon it's been quite a few years already, any more and I think by the time it's finally out I'll be old ^_^ LOL
    Getting AC Brotherhood for PS3 :)

    Big bang theory is always funny to watch :) I like the Attack of the clones star wars movie the most, but I do like the other ones too. Clone wars on cartoon network is pretty good, but I like the movies better.

    Yeah I agree they need to make the final Eargon book it's taking forever!! I mean seriously the guy needs to get a move on or something, I hope he makes it soon, or at least have it out by next year.

    The Mortal instrument is by Cassandra Clarie, it has these people called shadow hunters who protect the mudanes from demons, but there are downworlders which are warlock, vampires, werewolves, and fey. So the main character is a girl name Clary who gets involved in there world of shadow hunters, and later learns that she is a shadow hunter. The mortal instruments has to do how the shadow hunters came to be and prevent demons from taking over there world, and a man named Valentine is after three mortal instruments.

    Its a pretty good trilogy, but that's about sums it up without spoilers :)

    Naruto is like an anime about ninjas but it used to be on cartoon network I think a year or two ago, but it's no longer on tv except on Disney XD of Naruto Shippuden a new series of it, but it's not that great cause Disney edit the fights and it would have been a lot better if cartoon network had continue it. So I watch it online now. It's a good series by viz media that makes Bleach, and One Piece :)

    Would be awesome if Vanitas came back or fights Sora or Riku =) Yup never know what there going to do next with KH.
    Yeah I so can not wait for Assassins creed brotherhood too :)

    I like Big Bang theory, and I like star wars :) Favorite star wars movie is the clone war. Also like Avatar :)

    I like the mortal instruments series and harry potter for books. Like the Harry potter movies too, can't wait for part one of deathly hallows too =)

    Also like Naruto a lot, and kh as well :) lol

    yup your welcome, I just thought Mickey looked awesome as an avatar :) I like Ventus and Roxas but if there was a Vanitas avatar it would be my first choice for an avatar. But because there's still a few people on here who haven't finish it, well that's probably why there isn't an avatar revealing his face yet.
    whats sup dude lol ^_^
    force unleashed 2's story was short?.? lol let me guess the final boss is that really old guy in the cloak (forgot his name) and a really big monster right or darth vader right ?.? is the final boss really hard to beat?.?

    ya ac brotherhood is almost here ^_^, multiplayer online ftw, hey what is your assassin gonna be online?.?
    lol just waiting to get a job lol and The Third Birthday is looking even better now ^_^.
    lol ya, ironically a good game with great gameplay always has a short story sadly T_T, hoping your not on the last level too. lol ya star wars tends to do that alot, but its good, better to keep jumping around then staying in one place lol ^_^.

    YAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! ac brotherhood is gonna be AWESOME!!!!!!!! i agree, that game might just be the game of 2010 ^_^. 14 more days can't wait ^_^.
    lol sounds like the monster will be fun to fight lol ^_^
    ya, i heard that the game is pretty short, even shorter then the first o_O.
    oh ok then lol, i'll be looking forward to that ^_^.
    lol thought the first stars wars force unleashed game had a sad but good ending, so in the second one it has a good ending?.?
    oh ok lol, ya CoD is good, but its not that good ^_^.

    ok, thanks for telling, so far the game's story sounds pretty good ^_^, wonder, is that monster hard to beat?.?
    i know, i'll be getting it for christmas lol ^_^.
    the gameplays feels less weighed down and more flexible when moving around then the first huh, i want this game even more now!!!
    can you tell me about the start of the story.
    ?.? lol i don't get it ^_^, your a big halo fan huh, bet you something big happens in the end though ^_^.
    lol nope , not a CoD guy, but i will be getting black ops when i have enough money. how come you didn't get black ops, is it no good?.?
    O_O, well i know what i'm getting for christmas lol.
    so the gameplay is even better then the first one?.? lol alright, but when you get farther in the game just tell a little bit about the story, lol its that good, man i wanna get this game now, lucky...
    oh ok, well at least ps3 has call of duty and killzone to fill the that gap that halo made lol. gonna read about the halo story on wikipedia ^_^. how does halo get tossed around by the public?.?
    lol i'm getting it for ps3, but i can't get it right know don't have the money for it T_T. collector edition?.? GET EXCITED DUDE ITS FREAKING FORCE UNLEASHED 2 lol, but seriously that game is gonna be fun, tell me how it is when you get it ^_^.
    hm ok, ...dang it now i want halo reach, like games with a good stories and this is one of them, hey is there one halo game that was before halo reach on both xbox 360 and ps3, gotta get my hands on one >=). also yes yoda for the win with ice cream lol ^_^.
    anakin/darth vader and yoda are the best. lol the sith had a hard time taking out a 900 year old little green guy lol yoda ftw ^_^.

    oh so that what the campaign is lol big monster aliens, i have a question how far is the story in halo reach cus i'm just wondering since there have been so many of them.

    k, lol it looked like it said fu2 lol, lol can't wait for this game to come out dude ^_^.
    lol its when MF is out of his cloak.
    i do not know sadly since i'm stuck on the half blooded prince book T_T.
    for the sith side anakin skywalker/darth vador just like how he goes from that nice little kid and turns into this crazy evil badass guy with the egg shaped head lol, who cares for nothing and if you can count death star since out of all the jedi and sith he was the coolest and strongest out of all of them ^_^. and for the jedi side, is yoda, i fogot which movie it was in but that part where he fights that guy (forgot his name) was awesome. my lightsaber would be red yay lol ^_^.
    lol oh ok, wait what the campaign for reach? whats FU2?
    oh ok, lol be funny if someone a photoshop on mf and put goofy's face except in a shadowy kind of way, like mf's face is that'f just be really funny lol. oh ok, eh, kick-ass was an alright movie, was hoping it would be funnier. that just sounds creepy o_O, but seriously stars wars force unleashed 2 is gonna be awesome, death star's clone wields two lightsabers, lol wonder how darthvator is gonna handle him this time lol ^_^ (big fan of starwars). i'm guessing your pretty good at halo and you thought it you could beat halo reach on the hardest difficulty, hope that didn't sound rude. i sometimes read gameinformer, lol i'll have to check it out then ^_^. ya i know, i also read harry potter, sadly i haven't gotten around to finishing the half blooded prince T_T, but ya these last two movies look really good, can't wait for them to come out in theaters too ^_^.
    lol riku jumps up and transforms into xehanort's heartless, "SUBMIT" lol

    lol you use photoshop? lol now you got me seeing goofy under mf's hood lol. existing, what you mean? ya i'm excited too force unleashed 2 is gonna be awesome, lol assassin creed brotherhood will be great, especially cus of multiplayer. poorly playing halo reach? i know , harry potter's last moives are gonna be great, also can't wait for part 1 to be out ^_^
    I like drawing, video games, anime, and books. But I'm into Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach (just the fight between Grimmjow and Ichigo) and can't really think of what else.. lol

    I've only drawn Naruto, Sasuke, and trying to do Jiriaya so far.
    But Thank you for the compliment ;)
    Sometimes when I draw it doesn't always turn out the way I want it to, like Jiriaya and Sasuke. But I just know that if i keep working on it will turn out better the next time.
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