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    Bloody Monday

    Really, it can lol. Manga Fox: Read Free Manga Online! Read Free Manga Online at One Manga. Online manga scans reader. Mangafox sometimes get it faster. Pretty good series. Its got a Death Note feel to it in a way.
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    Former U.S. Rep. William Jefferson Gulity

    Jefferson found guilty on 11 of 16 charges | News for New Orleans, Louisiana | Top Stories | News and Weather for New Orleans | wwltv.com Ex-Rep. Jefferson convicted of corruption - CNN.com Former U.S. Rep. William Jefferson of Lousiana was found Guilty of 11 out of 16 counts: maximum of 115...
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    Halo Legends

    Details About Halo Anime - Halo legends - Kotaku No. Fucking. Way. Since its being done by Bones, Casio Entertainment, Production I.G., Studio4 C, and Toei Animation and being directed by Shinji Aramaki, I might keep a look out for it.
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    Ōkami to Kōshinryō/Spice and Wolf

    This thread is to discuss not only the second season but, the entire series (novels manga anime etc.). Spice and Wolf - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The second season just started airing a while ago and I finally got to watch the first two episodes. Plus, Funimation is going to dub the...
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    Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?

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    I'm back bitches. What up?
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    Until Death Do Us Part

    So, I introduced mangas such as: Bakuman, Akaboshi: Ibun Suikoden, Drifters (well...that one kinda faded out), and Yakuza girl. I bring yet, another series that I've been reading for a while (or for about a year). Until Death Do Us Part is about a young girl who can see the future. She's...
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    Yu-Gi-Oh! Discussion Thread

    Yea...I probably going to regret doing this maybe. Hadn't had a discussion about the Yu-gi-oh series in a while. To tell you the truth, I'm actually enjoying Yu-gi-oh 5d (The subs version that is. The dub can go to hell along with 4kids). Its a lot better than Yu-gi-oh GX. Anyway, discuss...
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    Nintendo selling Black Wiis....

    .....in Japan this summer. Kotaku - Nintendo Selling Black Wii in Japan This Summer - Top All I got to say is: Bitchin'. Wonder if I can swap Wiis.....
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    Akaboshi: Ibun Suikoden

    Alternative name: Akaboshi: Morning star Move the hell on over Naruto, One piece, and Bleach. Its time we see something new in Jump (Well, we do have Psyren, Bakuman, and Beelzebub). Amano Yoichi is the creator. He or she first work on baseball manga like: Over Time and Usagi to Kame to...
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    Police allegedly beats up teen

    Not sure if there is a thread on this. Note the fact that I used "allegedly". Family alleges police brutality on local teen - 5/19/09 - Toledo News - 13abc.com This is the video on youtube: YouTube - Trevor Casey, 14, claims Toledo police beat him up-May 18, 2009 Now, the video only shows the...
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    Contra -ReBirth-

    Kotaku - Konami Gives Birth To Contra On The Wii - Konami Hell yea!!! Gladius Rebirth came out in America, so this has to come here. No doubt this will be used again lol.
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    Square Enix Teases Unannounced "NEW GAME"

    Kotaku - Square Enix Teases Unannounced "NEW GAME" - News NEW GAME Most people say its a new Vanguard Storm. Others say it something different. So mysterious....
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    Red Steel 2

    Kotaku - Nintendo Power Unsheathes Red Steel 2, Wii MotionPlus Support - Ubisoft .....in their June issue. Awesome looking gun-wielding katana carrying, cowboy, guy, person thing. I SWEAR I saw an earlier Red Steel 2 thread already. I'm looking for it right now. EDIT: I....can't....find it.
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    Series you wish to be remade

    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is (apparently) going to follow more on the manga than the first series. Dragon Ball Kai is (apparently) going to follow more closely on the manga as well. The Neon Genesis Evangelion movies are supposed to be a remake to the anime series. Hellsing Ultimate is...