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Recent content by DrkNessOfHeart

  1. D

    KH2 Rating

    rated E?? where did u get that from? and don't say because it has disney characers and things affiliated with disney >_> kh2 does get into dark parts
  2. D

    KH2 Rating

    i think it will be rate "T", nomura stated that the game has grown meaning it's darker and for a more mature audience. The battle system is not considered suitable for children even if it has no blood in it. Since the thing with grand theft auto: san adreas, the ESRB is being more strict with...
  3. D

    *possible spoilers inside* problem with ORG list

    uhh dude..who r u talking 2?? hmmm saix being a female..thats a good thought but idk i have doubts..
  4. D

    KH2 article in EGMS

    well i can't read it, but thanks.. did you read through it?
  5. D

    Sora's New Outfit

    no...in the beginning sora is still in his original clothes but supposedly he gets on the train to go see yensid and gets his new duds..
  6. D

    Trailer Summary (NEW/RUMORED/SPOILER)

    That was great, thnx xaldin
  7. D

    *possible spoilers inside* problem with ORG list

    wasn't mad hehe sry :p Im w/ drama settler on this one
  8. D

    Spoilers- BHK's name

    in the japanese website for kh2, it says that his name is Xigbar not Xighar like everyone else says.
  9. D

    *possible spoilers inside* problem with ORG list

    >_> read carefully ..or do you need help reading? let me help you what yoyo06 said what I said He meant that NO order members from CoM were returning, but oviously axel and diz are returning..so therefore he's wrong..get it now?
  10. D

    KH2 Faitsumo Score (KHU thinks it is real)

    i hope that's true.
  11. D

    *possible spoilers inside* problem with ORG list

    THAT WAS NEVER CONFIRMED! Nomura said that org members that were killed off in CoM will not return. Get your facts straight dude >_>
  12. D

    Hmm........ Returning Worlds........

    i say neverland has the best chance..
  13. D

    Big KH2 News!!!

    y isnt this closed? yes we all know its false already..no more threads like this...
  14. D

    What's the big deal about KH2 anyway?

    i would say .. yea ..its kinda a deep game i played a long time ago...then grab it and throw it off somewhere...and u kno wat 4rm there :cool: lol
  15. D

    Names of character

    yea and some kings were controlled by priests... mickey will b awesome =]