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  • I'm fine, and, yeah, I like Harry Potter. I'm not like a total crazy fan that knows everything there is to know about the series, but I do like watching the movies from time to time.
    She can assist Riku, it be helping Naminnne ;D Oh yeah, I want to pitch an idea; Riku meets up with his Vanitas and they fight a bit.
    ... Well ... Xehanort has control of Terra's body. Aqua was rescued by Axel and Roxas. Ventus is awake. And Ukrix is now inside Riku. First things first, someone needs to remove Xehanort from Terra's heart. Riku can be looking for Roxas, while Roxas and Axel are trying to assist Aqua in helping her exorcise Xehanort from the heart. MAybe Riku can help (None of them can actually do it, they just need to restrain Terra's body in some manner for Aqua to play her role ;) How does that sound?
    Technically, just like the Keyblade, the D-B can be used for or good, a means to fight another weilder of one. The people that they'll have to try and prevent are the ones that Riku, Kairi, and Ienzo can forge (Because those are the ones that have Vanitas' alternate egos as part of the equations, where Riku, may be the only one who could win :/
    I dunno how to tell you this, but there's like 4 other potential Death-Blades in the mix. That's a lot worse than just 1.

    [IMG] Like on-line or off-line?
    The Prizoner of Azkaban; because even he was locked away he's still a good person. I also kinda like Hagrid, I just can't give a specific reason -_-'
    .. I don't recall talking about any fanfics I like or do you mean "into" as in which ones am I working on at the moment?
    Okay first off, you're right on ball :D 2nd, how did that even come about? There's no K and not even one U, got an answer for me ^_^?
    Seriously? She said that, that's news to me O_O But it's possible, do you know about the story line?
    The forums, but I rather not discuss it. So, how was the Key and the Flame: Between the Years? Maybe, I can help you with it since Fractured_Heart said it was alright with her that I help.
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