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  • Hmm ... I really don't like messing with her characters (Nor do I like other people messing with mine :mad: But there have been cruel ways and there have been lame ways with her character :/ Well, what do you think, let's start from there and I'll see if I can come up with my own reason (Saying I don't agree with your's)
    Something awesome happened, but I don't want to discuss it because 1) People may think I'm lying 2) I've been talking about enough, though it is still awesom *U*

    Probably because she became a nobdoy, hearts are neccessary for a body to age y'know ^_^
    Maybe Suelo just doesn't trust someone like Xewn and attacked her without warning, technically Xewn could've kicked is ass but instead decided to open CoD and send Suelo through it. Xewn evolved from a rude and careless person into a kind and thoughtful one. But in any of the points of her existence she's never been evil, just want to make that clear :/
    Each Chapter can have a little bit of both of our work. Seeing as you know more about Viento than I do for chapter 2, and whoever he's to merge with. As for what you could write for CH.3 is some explanation of what happening to Suelo, so the readers know. It's (Chapter 3) bascially there to tie-up the loose ends ^_^
    Sounds good, just hope things don't get too off-track. I want to first show what's happening to certain characetrs during the period of OtR before moving on with that idea. So it'll be chapter 4 when they leave C.O. , kay?
    We're on chapter 2 (Think of the story as a video game), basically it tells about things having to do with the parts (Parts being people needed to forge one) that explained what's what, for instance how Vanitas' heart shards got in Ienzo, Kairi, and Riku.
    Instead of Xehanort kidnapping Kairi, her Vanitas comes seeking to kill her (Yeah, she doesn't really care about the whole D-B thing :/ and wreaks havoc at the school. What do think about that?

    (Half-salutes good-bye) Night, Desire ;)
    Sadly, I remain uninform on some parts. Suelo, was character she sprung-on me at the last second. I don't know who he is, other than he's friends with Viento :/ Also, Lexi killed-off Marluxia (Who was sent to retrieve him) after learning of Ukrix's fate. So, I dunno how that's going to work :/ (Fire burns flowers, I don't recall it my idea to send Marluxia after Lexi :/ Also, should Lumaria return now or later (My rule of the return; Somebody returns in exact spot they lost their heart at garbed in their organization coat), so would Lumaria then find himself in his house, I don't really understand where he fell :/
    Good. It's thought-out, that much is clear, however gives the story a number of plot holes. 1. Xehanort tried to kill-off Sven, they're not on good terms, let alone where they would work in cahoots. 2. When Zexion was defeated the shard of Vanitas was freed from the bonds of Ienzo's vessel. Vanienzo (Ienzo Vanitas) slaid Xemnas and XH, not to help him, but as an act to show he was no longer his slave or puppet. 2. (Going by what F_H told me and my understanding of it) Vanitas possessed Riku vessel to try and take Kairi out of the picture, but feeling the shard in her own reacting to Riku's, Kairi's pure heart kicked both shards out of their vessels, but at the cost of making Ukrix and Namine (Which made the two weaker, in some regards). 3. Demyx was sent, along with Xulan back to the organization for some sort or recon. 4. Ienzo is back at the base, which does not reside in RG. 5. It be MX in Terra's vessel that would kidnap Kairi (Let's try not to confuse the readers ^_^). 5. If Vanitas needed another heart and not his original one, then why would Ventus need to? Sora has become Ventus' darkness as Ventus has become Sora's Light.

    When the feel it best they're going to seek out their respective half (Being either Ienzo, Riku, or Kairi). However, two of them are really messed. The Riku half is sadistic in both regards, and up until the point he meets Riku he's been doing dispicable things to innocent lives. The Kairi half is a masocist in both regards, while she loves any male deeply connected to Sora, Vanitas, and Ventus she hates those who are female in this regard and has the urge to kill them for her sick, twisted, selfish desires.

    Aside from the flaws mentioned, I kinda like the idea of LExi and Riku fighting, though I'm none too sure why :/ A.R.A.V. fighting Braig also sounds interesting, though to patch-up the holes maybe it (The reason the go there) could be to apprhend Braig? I let you stew that over. Another idea I wanted to pitch was Xehanort steps out of the machine (That made him a heartless) only to find Sven waiting there to strike him down (Braig can be there for kicks if you want, or to indicate he hasn't been found by ARAV yet ^_^). Anyways, during the struggle a girl let's Xehanort get away, only so she can strike a deal with Sven as she claims she can help and she wants revenge on Xehanort (Guess who the girl is ;D. How's it all sound?
    Um, I guess Xehanort.
    Just because I find the whole MX/Terra/Eraqus/XtA/AnsemSOD/Xemnas situation to be one terribly interesting mindfuck.
    Oh, cool, I'll check it out later.
    And nice to meet you, Dreaded. ^_^
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