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Recent content by DragonRider1234

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    Are Sora and Kairi offically a couple?

    i think sora already has told kairi but not with words remember at the end of KH1 when kairi saw sora's drawing of him giving her the paupu fruit and then seh drew anther one with her giving it to him. but i still dont think they are a couple. they havent been together long enough. they havent...
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    about anti-form

    i just wanna shout anti- sora is PIMPIN. P-I-M-P-I-N
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    any "best" way to get final form?

    a little secret with drives is that if u leave a world in a drive form then you come back with full drive bar..........dont no whether u guys figured that out
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    ~Ultimate Disney Summon~

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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    yo steamboatwillis....the game comes out the 28th but some stores dont sell it untill the 29th because of maintanaces etc.
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    It's been a long 4 years

    Nomaru said it KH will not be a FF type series. This forum may just get updated for KH3
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    blood in KH2?

    i would
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    I noticed something....Possible spoilers

    i dont increase my post count. that just makes me look like i my life is on this web site. nothin special comes from haveing a lot of posts (that i know of)
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    I noticed something....Possible spoilers

    keep workin hard trooper
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    I noticed something....Possible spoilers

    *sighs* when do they mature.............
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    I noticed something....Possible spoilers

    oh yah ur definently new. u havent seen flaming. ohhhh boy!!!!! theyre just sayin ur a little slow or behind the times if u plz
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    gamestop should release the 28th becauses it is the best game store ive ever been to
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    How many....

    u have 2 change keyblades. its part of the game. u cant jsut toss something of that value aside.
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    What would make the best music for KH2 opening video?

    u gotta get some head banging music
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    blood in KH2?

    yo dawninig twighlight pm me that. but doesnt every1 know blood is the new black. blood makes every game better. that and lots of violance. bone crushing attacks that send shivers up ur spine. its the new style of games now