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    the damaged armored person

    I'm talking about the armored guy in one of the pics for KH2FM. His helmet is partly broken to where you can see part of his face. Since Nomura said that none of the characters in the teaser at the ending of Kingdom hearts 2 is sora, could it be that its sora's relative? His son!
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    last few synthesis items help

    I need a lucid shard and an energy shard to complete the collection. Please tell me where to specifically find it (what worlds, and what monsters, and where in the world, which section of the world). Thanks in advance!
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    Scary Movie 4

    Anyone excited for Scary Movie 4 like I am? It's gonna be super funny.
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    What ever happened to Malificent? I was hoping on finishing her off in KH2. Is she still roaming around planning to take over the worlds with heartless?
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    Texas Chainsaw Massacre Prelude

    Do any of you guys think the prelude to Texas Chainsaw Massacre will be any good?
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    Question about Xemnas

    What lvl should I be before fighting the last Xemnas battles?
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    Hardest Boss so far

    Who was the hardest boss for you so far? I'm still on Xigbar. I can't beat him! I need help please
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    Whos the baddest dude?

    Who's the baddest dude in any Metroid game? Explain why.
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    I like eggs!!!!!!:D
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    Master Chief or Samus Aran?

    Who do you think pwnz all? Master Chief from Halo or Samus Aran from Metroid Prime?
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    Mario Party 100

    Do you think the Mario Party series will continue to Mario Party 100? I think it will since like 3 Mario Party games have come out in 1 year.
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    Best male character in games

    Who's the best
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    KH2 secret video *SPOILERS*

    Has anyone with Kingdom Hearts 2 unlocked the secret ending?
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    The Cast of KH2

    THIS IS KIND OF A SPOILER FOR THE CHARACTERS OF KINGDOM HEARTS 2! Haley Joel Osment .... Sora (voice) David Gallagher .... Riku (voice) Eddie Carroll .... Jiminy Cricket (voice) Wayne Allwine .... Mickey Mouse (voice) Jim Cummings .... Pete/Winnie The Pooh/Tigger/Scar/Ed (voice) Hayden...
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    This is Official

    Square-Enix has officially confirmed a "Pirates of the Caribbean" world for Kingdom Hearts 2. Visit for more info on it.