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    Simple and Clean backwards

    I'll just repeat what i said on the other thread saying the same thing. Ok this is true.... There are no subliminal messages in this song, and if it was a subliminal message how is it affecting you. Because subliminal messages usually describe something like the disney subliminal messages in...
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    Why Does Cloudy Card think emo kids love kh

    Seriously people lets discuss this.... Is it wrong that people like kh even if some are emo, punk, prep, poser, gangsta, etc. But why does Cloudy Card think emo people love kingdom hearts? Quote- Theyre everywhere on these boards!! what gives?? how can they type with their wrists all cut...
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    Sora vs. Roxas no drive forms who would win?

    Ok calm down kid but, from what you quoted from him, it doesn't seem like he revealed 2 much by saying sora is stronger i beat the game.... Its not like he layed down a cinematic with some scene and forced you to watch it.... He didn't even describe what happened, he just said one was...
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    This is what happens when u lose a boss battle (SPOILER)

    Ok for all the people that thought it was bs, ha in ur face. Even though this is a old clip of mickey fighting when you die, it only happens in some circumstances. So there you go http://www.youtube.com/?v=aBuQu79lWSM And even if no one else reads this again, consider yourselves all wrong.
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    This is what happens when u lose a boss battle (SPOILER)

    Ok this i got from that gamefaq site. bla bla bla http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/genmessage.php?board=915410&topic=25269591 ok link now actual paragraph. From: jegnan | Posted: 12/21/2005 6:38:30 AM | Message Detail Hey I lost to Cerberus(it was too harsh. I even forgot to refill my...
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    Demo in the US

    I think they will release a demo just like for dragon warrior VIII... On the official dragon warrior site for square enix, they had a survey and if u fill it out u get a copy of the demo. Thats how i got a copy for that game, hopefully it will be the same for kh2.
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    Japan is getting Kingdom Hearts Trinity Master Pieces

    If you go onto the japan kh2 site. You can see that they are getting a Kingdom Hearts Trinity Master Pieces set which comes with Ultimate Hits Kingdom Hearts, Kh Chain of Memories, and Kh2. WHich all come in this carrying case with shows hollow bastion in the background with the whole kh gang...
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    anyone dissapointed with passion?

    Ok people that don't like passion, its because first of all we heard the japanese version... So unless they came out with the english allready u shouldn't complain, because u have no idea how its going to sound then, they could change it to fit the english version or could drop the song...
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    Kh2 info like actors, characters, stuff like dat

    To DrkNessOfHeart: You know that me or sora line in the trailer, in the translated video diz is talking to bhk and he says the person chosen by the keyblade. And bhk goes me or sora, so i don't get how that came into play with this topic because diz wasn't specifying names but who was chosen...
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    Kh2 info like actors, characters, stuff like dat

    But where is Bhk then he has to be one of the names up there so which one is he?
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    Kh2 info like actors, characters, stuff like dat

    Ok i found this info on a movie site, but yawn watever about that lets get to the kh2.... Ok heres the link to the page if you like But the page looks a lil dated by none the less ight http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0390163/ But what was interesting was the cast of the game... Cast (in credits...
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    Utada Hikaru's Passion,Kh 2 themesong *full song*

    damn fo real.... lol i haven't been around much on this site, i come for a lil then leave... Oh wellz atleast u told me i was late.
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    When do you think both passions will play in KH2?

    Its probably gonna be that u start the game off with sora living his life then heartless invade and theres a big giant battle. then the song plays after the battle because sora remembers the life he left behind and all that stuff. Anywayz the song wasn't made for kingdom hearts only, its the...
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    Utada Hikaru's Passion,Kh 2 themesong *full song*

    I found this on some site thanks to some unknown sources but its the whole song for kh2. So here you go, Utada's new single called Passion. http://www.youtube.com/?v=2wZQ74Qk4Is
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    A request needed...

    I know this seems very much nooblike but my answers seem to go uncalled in sig shops and truthfully i need a not so much sig because its bigger approximately half a sheet of paper give or take.... I was wondering if someone would be able to make it for me within the day if you like. Because time...