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  • I recall reading a report from Numora saying he would usually be told to make the story 'a little more interesting' with each title. But, he admits that he was biting his finger with this one's release.

    Throughout the game you'll recieve chronicles that summarize the past few games in a nut shell, Flashbacks which you can choose to watch right away or later(If you want), and brief summarizies on various aspects of the KH Universe.

    I take it you know the plot of the game.

    When it comes to the game itself, there's really nothing annoying, aside from possibly being punished for not taking-out every enemy you come across, and having to back-track through the last world a few times for level gringding.

    Flowmotion is good in my opinion, but apparently others aren't really too thrilled. Dream Eaters: Spirits - being your friends and Nightmares - being your enemies was interesting to say the least. The switch-back between Riku and Sora wasn't really frustrating for me, but I can see how it could be for others.

    Whether it's good or not is a subjective matter. You'll either like it or hate it(Or something else), but I personally enjoyed it ^w^
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