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    KH1 Beta Trailer

    Probably because I think Sora was supposed to be like this half monkey hybrid thing at first, at least in one of his earlier sketches. Or it really could just be bad graphic. Hahaha.
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    KH1 Beta Trailer

    Ah~ These give me all memories. Especially the KH2 beta trailer. Back when Roxas was still known as "BHK." Those were the good days.
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    One thing I really hated about KHII related to the Heartless

    They could have also been trying to make the Heartless more kid-friendly? Just a thought. But it is still kind of stupid.
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    One thing I really hated about KHII related to the Heartless

    Now that you mention it, yea, the heartless really were kind of lackluster when it came to KHII. But Aria has a point, the Nobodies were the main enemy in the second game.
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    Which kingdom hearts game is better Kingdom hearts or Kingdom hearts 2?

    The first one holds a very special place in my heart. Everything was so mysterious and exciting and new. The first's story was definitely much stronger. But there are elements from both games that I like better than others. Just nitpicky things mostly. Gameplay, etc.
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    When Sora realizes he has so many people connected to him and how many lookalikes he has...

    Shit, you'd think Sora would be used to the craziness that is his life by now.
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    Help/Support ► I'm Apparely challenged

    Maybe something like this? It's not too dressy and not too casual either. It's easy, and show you care about your appearance .
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    Cruel Intentions

    I know this is a movie from the ninties, but oh well. Has anyone seen this movie? If so what do you think? Personally, it's one of my favorites.
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    Help/Support ► Kid in my school committed suicide.

    Someone also committed suicide at my school as well. His name was Cody White. He was a year older than me so I never knew him. But it's still sad. People are still keep him as a friend on their myspaces and stuff putting him in their nukmber one spot. It's really sad. So i kind of feel what...
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    Chuck Palahniuk

    Does anyone here read his books? I personally, love his books. I was introduced to them by my group of friends. The books I've read so far are: Lullaby Survivor Diary Invisible Monsters I also have Fight Club and Rant but i haven't gotten around to reading them.
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    The missing cutscene!

    Agreed. There was also another scene that was edited too. You know where you first meet Mickey in Twilight town, sora in the trailers was in his black outfit but infact in the game he was still in his old clothes.
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    Voice Acting in KHII Sucks!!

    If you just really hate the voice acting, theres a little such thing as the 'mute button' use it to your heart's content.
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    Does anyone have the official rating for KH2?!?!?!?

    explain to her it's a disney game... :/ or do something to replace the ratingiono rent it?
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    Video of Japanese Sora and Ariel singing in Atlantica

    oh gawd i just heard sora sing......... -_____-;; he may be an angel but he sure as hell doesnt have the voice of one
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    Video of Japanese Sora and Ariel singing in Atlantica

    dammit ive been sing it now for the past 10 min... -_-;; damn me for being able to sing in japanese