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Recent content by digz

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    News ► Official Kingdom Hearts UX Twitter teases important announcement with new sketch by Nomura!

    Here's a sharper image of the person on the right / the picture overall. Not sure what to make of it but maybe you guys can find out something from this
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    Unanswered Questions After KH3

    nevermind delete```````````
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    Side game or Main Game for Young Eraqus and Young Xehanort?

    The chess scene in Scala ad Caelum shows them in their younger forms in a world that we were never able to explore in KH3. The world itself looked like there was a lot of life in it and a lot of things going on within it. Do you think we would have a spin-off explaining the world of Scala ad...
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    The scene in the Keyblade Graveyard and the Book of Prophecies

    So would it be widely accepted as canon that this scene at the Keyblade Graveyard: pertained to this scene in back cover: Just want to get the theory train rolling here. KH3 is out and there hasn't been many theories being thrown around yet. I feel like we were given a lot of pieces to...