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    Yeah smogon can be like that sometimes. Most of the regulars are, like any forums regulars, a bit uptight. But yeah if you post comments and such at some point you'll get a place in there. I was the same way for about a month or two. haha

    Salamence council, man, that thing is never going to be Uber. Granted its special attack is way too high. It's base speed will probably not get it anywhere sadly. Salamence is fun to use in OU though. Have you seen the thread in there about getting Weavile as Uber? lol
    Ah very nice. I used to go into the metagames/contributions too but all the damage calculations made it thick to read through. The only time I can do that is for double battles because the strategy is much simpler in comparison imo.

    Anything interesting going on in singles these days? I know Latias was pushed to Uber but that's about all I've seen. Haven't been on Shoddy much either.
    I'm the same person there. Darkwatch. Mostly in the Wi-Fi and Stark Mountain>Video Game Championships area. Thought you were there as a member too, sorry. haha What do you lurk in?
    heeeeey i saw that you go on smogon. may i ask who you are on there? not to sound creepy lol
    Oh damn, only a minute in and I absolutely love this. It reminds me a lot of some of Yoko Shimomura's best composition for the KH series, which is fantastic. I need this whole album and everything these guys have made.

    On a side note, do you have MSN? I've meant to ask you for a while now but never got around to it.
    I haven't actually been in the Touhou music loop for quite some time. Have I missed anything good?
    I most certainly have. They are without question my favorite Touhou band. Touhou Violin 3 is a fantastic album and silentensemble still stands to be one of the best arranges I've heard.
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