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  • Oh gosh, the videos? Haha, yeah I can see what happened there. There's about a trillion-something videos, crossovers, replays, and god knows what else. The Marisa Stole the Precious Thing video was quite weird, yes. I've always liked Overdrive a bit more myself, lol... though my all time favorite was the Bad Apple video by Alstroemeria records.

    Also - I've heard the game MegaMari being tossed around a lot, but I haven't really looked into it... what is it exactly? I haven't really played too many of the fan-made games, due to China here blocking too many sites for me to actually access anything :p
    From what I know, it was a Super Mario spinoff with Marisa collecting shrooms, lol. That was the general impression I got from what I read about it.

    Mmm as for favorite character.... Ibuki Suika is my Hisoutensoku character, but I also like Yuyuko, Mokou, Flandre, Rika from the 2nd game.... yeah. Well with something like 100+ characters, its hard to find a favorite, lol.
    One of my friends introduced me, the one I mentioned earlier. As far as I know, he's beaten all the games up to 10 on Normal with no CC, some on Hard with no CC, and all the extra bosses beaten cept Yukari... makes me want to cry xD

    And dude, your record is extremely good, lol. Much better than mine at least. I'm only good at 11 and (strangely enough) 6, though I somehow managed to beat Flandre through some extremely lucky weaving lol.

    So what's your story? I bet it's much more exciting than mine.
    Better than me, lol. I know exactly one other person who knows Touhou and he's stopped after the 10th game. Which is unfortunate really, because he was actually surprisingly good with them.
    How good are you with the games themselves, just out of curiosity?
    Lol, thanks. Funnily enough I looked at your page cuz of your Youmu sig... There's a surprisingly low amount of people here who know Touhou :p
    Guess its not as popular in the Western areas as much, lol.
    .....Who are you? xD
    I got a random friend request from you and I don't know how to react, lol.
    Ha, that's better than me. I don't think I've even made it past the second stage before, sooo...

    Also, 12.8 is already out? Damn, that was fast. I found out last week that Cirno has the ability to freeze incoming bullets, so that should be interesting.
    Well I like to think that I'm good at pokemon :3

    I'm sure several of the people I've battled can vouch for me.
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