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Recent content by Devious

  1. Devious

    It's been a while, so I might as well make a thread like the others

    It's been about two years since I've even peaked at this forum. I miss it, to be honest. All of the fun times in the RP section and the Intel Discussion board. I noticed that a few of you old timers are still active and a few of you are coming back. It's good to see the old names and plenty of...
  2. Devious

    Converting .ogg to .mp3

    Songs in .ogg format are a little difficult to play and so I require a good conversion program. Does anyone have suggestions as to what I should use? I would prefer free usage, if possible. .ogg is so annoying... Good, but annoying...
  3. Devious

    Aldous Huxley: Brave New World, Ape and Essence, etc.

    Has anyone found these books by Aldous Huxley to be not only amazing, but philosophical in a way due to the fact that they have a meaning outside of the actual text of the book. I'm currently reading Ape and Essence and have not quite discovered it's true meaning since I'm still reading it, but...
  4. Devious

    TD actually needs help... Joy...

    My father doesn't seem to want to support me, or even identify me as his son anymore. He looks at me as if he wants to disown me. I want to be emancipated from him so he can go on with his life without me in his way. However, emancipation will remove me from my mother's life as well. She wants...
  5. Devious

    Vista Sound Issues

    Windows Vista on the computer I'm currently using is having issues with its sound. One day it just cut out without warning. I need to fix it, any ideas? When I click on the volume control in the taskbar it says, "No Audio Output Device is Installed."
  6. Devious

    RX Bandits

    Anyone heard of them? They're like a mix of Sublime, some Ska band, and a semi-hardcore band. Of course, that's just my interpretation. If allowed, I will link the myspace for them, but that can sometimes be considered against forum rules.
  7. Devious

    Elfen Lied?

    It seems like a sort of perverted anime. Personally I think it looks funny (only saw the 3rd episode up to the point of the perversion), but I could be wrong.
  8. Devious

    Attention to All Role-Players!

    Looking at threads recently, I have noticed that several people in the Role-Playing section are telling newcomers that "They suck." or "Have little/no talent." This is not acceptable! You cannot simply call someone a bad Role-Player because their writing skills represent that of someone new to...
  9. Devious

    Could Dreams Have a Meaning? Part II

    I posted a similar thread back in 2005 when I was but a freshman in High School. My grammar... Had much to be desired... So I'm going to try again, but with a different dream that I personally had. The previous thread I made was about a dream that has guided me in my personal thoughts on The...
  10. Devious

    Kurt Zisa

    Kurt Zisa was definately difficult if you didn't know what to do. Took me several tries to understand his moves and how to conteract several of them. Of course even then it took me a few tries to come up with the perfect strategy. After about 10-20 tries it was Game, Set, Match.
  11. Devious

    Death Rises - Open Challenge

    Death, a simple but complex end to life. Few understand why it happens or how it is even allowed by God to happen. Many have lost their faith because of this tragic creation known as Death. Ekim... Known as the successor of Death has been corrupted by the power of his scythe in which he has...
  12. Devious

    4 Seeds... Apocalypse

    Inspired by Umazak's "Warriors of the Gods" A Twilight Demon Creation Pestilence... Slaughter... Desolation... Death... The embodiments of the Apocalypse... The Four Horsemen "And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four...
  13. Devious

    Axdyn VS Twilight Demon (A Welcome-back battle for A.J.)

    Ok, this is a warm up RP for A.J. (Axdyn) since he has been out on medical leave. Here is your template bud. Hopefully you're still familiar with the no God-Modding, Power Playing, etc. rules? Let's not have a post minimum since you're still warming up though I doubt you'll have a problem...
  14. Devious

    Bad Religion

    One of the better punk bands of this current age. Started 25 years ago they have gone from a crude sounding album or two like most punk you hear today to one of the greatest of their genre. Their album Suffer I think might have been one of their better albums for their short but epic song: "You...
  15. Devious

    Different types of Music and how it affects our views towards each other.

    This does NOT belong in the music thread because this is an intelligent discussion. Music has been known throughout the world to affect each listener in various ways and has been known to "cause violence within teens". Let me ask you something, "How does this affect our views on one another?"...