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Recent content by Detronilizer

  1. D

    What if Xion has black hair because of Skuld (a mini theory)

    I never actually thought about this, but it might make more sense than you think. Remember that Lea and Isa had a falling out over the mystery girl in KH3. The most popular theory is that she's Skuld, which would be perfect, poetically, if she's related to Xion in any way.
  2. D

    New BBS Trailer and Nomura Interview!

    Remember that Terra's supposed to be the "cool, calm" guy. But I'm pretty sure the VA can put in emotion when needed. Look at the Terra gameplay clips for instance; his battle cries sound awesome. YouTube - Birth by Sleep, English trailer - Gameplay (Terra)
  3. D

    English BbS Trailer + Game Play Videos

    Re: e3 english trailer I can't believe no one commented on Mickey's voice yet. Damn, Bret Iwan nailed it! Yeah, I know pretty much all we got was a scream, but that's Mickey alright!
  4. D

    20 KH Mysteries Solved! Sort of.

    I believe Nomura meant, in that old interview, to avoid any confusion between the two characters. Yes, Roxas is Ven's Nobody, and so they are the same person, really. But I think Nomura was just saying that the character Ventus isn't the same person you play as in the beginning of KH2. Like...
  5. D

    A Stray Thought on MX and Riku...

    Which is why I tried to phrase that properly: I didn't make it an absolute ("ISN'T IMPORTANT"), because if you read the whole thing, I provided reasons as to why I believe family is finally getting some importance in KH, at least putting shame on the whole "Why start now?" approach. So those...
  6. D

    Xigbar and Zexion?

    It doesn't end there. Remember that Zexion's eyes widen upon being told about the "other friend", meaning Zexion knows Ven. As well as that, Zexion brushed off Xigbar's claims of Xemnas' ventures into the Chamber of Repose, meaning that wouldn't be the first time he's heard of it. Do only...
  7. D

    A Stray Thought on MX and Riku...

    Yep, just read the Xehanort Reports, and they confirm that the SHM is INDEED a younger MX. Well, Riku could have never been told about his grandfather. MX looks as if he left in his late 20's or early 30's, meaning Riku's dad could have just been born at the time. It's very likely that MX...
  8. D

    A Stray Thought on MX and Riku...

    So after some thinking, I now see the possibility of MX being Riku's grandfather. YES, I AM AWARE THAT FAMILY DOESN'T APPEAR TO BE IMPORTANT IN KH, however, just consider these hints from BBS: 1.) MX's battle stance - That's right, his stance from the final battle. Why else would he be...
  9. D

    the secret boss is stronger than the lingering sentiment....?

    I just watched the video, and in no way is LS harder than VS. I mean, LS loops his attacks. Seriously, you can win the whole battle with LS doing just one attack throughout. Plus, once you get used to it, there are practically no timing skills necessary to win it; LS doesn't attack as fast as...
  10. D

    Birth By Sleep Soundtrack

    Wow, this is the first thread I've seen with comments of disappointment about the soundtrack. I've already listened to a dozen of the BBS tracks and I'm confident enough to say that this game has the BEST soundtrack in the series. The violin theme just makes the whole experience feel so fresh...
  11. D

    BBS the best KH game out of the series?

    I'm an enormous KH fan, but I have to agree that KH2 could have been better. For one, the gameplay really was too easy (Sora was ridiculously overpowered). Story-wise, the Disney worlds were practically irrelevant to the main plot, making a lot of the cutscenes feel dragged out. So while my...
  12. D

    Braig Boss Battle

    In case anyone's interested, here's the Braig boss battle. Epic music too. YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Boss Battle PSP GamePlay 3
  13. D

    Birth by Sleep Spoiler Thread

    Re: The Official Birth by Sleep Spoiler Thread Aw, see? He lost again and this is just NORMAL mode!
  14. D

    Birth by Sleep Spoiler Thread

    Re: The Official Birth by Sleep Spoiler Thread Well, at least we now know that the game isn't an easy piece of crap, right?
  15. D

    What's Your Plan of Action?

    Been waiting to make this thread. Alright, so BBS is coming out in less than a week. Many KH fans (including me) have been anxiously waiting for this promising addition to the series for more than two years now. Now that it's coming out in Japan, I think quite a few of us would like to stay...