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  • Like I said. Unorganized, cramped, people wanting to cyber like nuts, spam everywhere, illiteracy, tooooo many people.
    No. It's just an anime and video games in general forum but it's horrible and unorganized and full of idiots. Just avoid it...
    Gaia is another forum that's so big that they can't really stay focused enough to have strict rules. They have like a million members.
    I have a feeling it's gaia but I could be wrong.

    If it's Gaia, please keep in mind that THIS IS NOT GAIA. Gaia doesn't care about the rules. We're more strict than Gaia while still being loose with them.
    Please make sure what you post in threads are relevant. Asking if people want a sig made by you in a farewell post isn't exactly right...
    We have multiple sections for a reason.
    I honestly couldn't help you with that since I don't bother with anything on profiles else than adding the people who add me. Sorry.
    What do you mean by "Level up"? If you mean the RPG stats, that's done by either playing the RPG game (which I don't play but you can if you want) or posting a lot.

    If you mean from a normal member to a premium member like me, you need 1000 posts in the forum. (don't worry. they go by quickly.) To become Platinum, you need 3000.
    Hi newbie. I noticed you only put a line and a link to a picture in a post of yours. I'm guessing you don't know how to make a signature? Would you like me to help you?
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