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    Haha, well nobody would want him! Not the heartless, Unversed, Dream eaters, Maleficent and Pete, the keybladers or the Nobody's. They would send him... Away... Far away. And have Namine remove all his memories and have xehanort turn him into some kind of heartless... =D
    I'd never play it again.
    If I had to have Sora fight to save Zack effron or whoever - I'd just let the darkness have that world... And never look back...
    Haha, well it could be worse. They could have Hannah Montana or High School musical in the next game..................................................................
    Me: ....*Starts crying*
    I always felt that Santa in KH2 should have given Sora a new keychain. Haha, but it would be weird having a mistletoe keyblade...
    Sora: It's over Pete! Give up now! *Holds up keyblade*
    Pete: *Looks up and blushes*
    Sora: Huh?
    Pete: Mistletoe...
    Donald: ....!!
    Goofy: .....??
    Sora: ..... *Throws up*
    Haha, Okay then how about... What's your favorite Keyblade?
    I always like the original Kingdom Key. Even more than the X-Blade.
    But Aqua's Keyblade is pretty cool too
    Haha, soon it's going to be a commercial war of food and candy puns.
    So if you could be in the KH universe and go to one world of your choosing, which would you pick?
    I'd go with Destiny Islands (I'd take at least a bag full of those poupou fruits) and I would go into the "secret place" aka the cove behind the waterfall and next to Sora's and Kairi's pictures I'd make my own :wink:
    Then you should take a break! Here, have a Kit Kat Bar! Haha... Get it?
    ... I deserve to have something thrown at me... That was possibly the lamest Joke I've ever made... lol
    It's sounds as though your working alot. haha.
    Haha, it's a good thing Yoko wasn't there. She would probably never come back to America if she saw it..=D
    So what are you up to these days?
    Still though.. It was like something from a cartoon. A guy in a bad spiderman costume fighting a 40 year old over weight, Sora, in the streets of Manhattan. Bwaha. It's funny even to type. XD
    Haha, apparently there was a superhero/marvel convention going on at the same time XD
    But atleast now we both have a story. haha
    Haha, I won't lie... I'm pretty jealous. =D
    That's awesome. I saw your post. It sounds so cool. I wish I could have gone. I didn't even know about it until two days before hand... :p Probably couldn't have made it anyway. You got post those pictures!
    Here's my only KH story - Try not to laugh -
    Two days before Dream Drop Distance was released, they were selling some of the extra Mark of Mastery editions in the Nintendo World Store in New york. It was a big thing cause you could take a picture with a life sized keyblade, wright to the KH creaters and buy the game two days before it came out. So I'm already in NY and I get in the line, right, it's over two blocks long and growing. Now there are alot of people in the line dressed in KH cosplay which is cool but there were ... alot of "interesting" people. Like a guy over 40, overweight dressed as Sora... Anyway, finally after 20 minutes of the line I get my stuff and head out, just as I do that a girl comes out and says that they're sold out of all the games. So everyone who hasn't gotten in (which was ALOT) is pretty pissed... So then a Guy dressed as Spiderman shows up and starts mocking the KH cosplay guys... I have to admit it was pretty funny. So the old guy who was dressed as Sora started running after him with a keyblade. The police were called after the fight broke out but it was ridiculously funny. Haha, my only ever Kingdom Hearts story. I would have rather met Yoko..
    That's so cool! What is she like? Did she let you take her picture?
    OH Young Master Xehanort!
    Haha, wow! I had no clue he was on here. What did he do when everyone found out?
    Haha, who's ben diskin?
    I've never heard of him...Lol.. I'm probably just being lame. Is he a actor?
    You could all represent the website when meeting Yoko
    (Ask her to make a account here but only tell a few people it's her ) lol
    That would be kinda cool. Haha, a KHiNSIDER party!!
    That's so cool! Have you seen anyone from KHI (here) ?
    Wow. I think I remember you telling me about this :wink: My parents bought a huge Yamaha Piano from Japan (It's kinda old now and could possibly fall apart if you played it) lol
    What is the hardest song or symphony you played into a Piano remix?
    That's really cool! What instruments do you play?
    I play the guitar. I tried out a violin and it didn't work out... Haha... My shoulder kept getting bruised...
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