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  • My girlfriend said she might give me DDD for my 358 days.. I agreed to it so maybe ill get it.. so i have to wait till valentines.. yay! >/w/>
    I didn't really like Days all that much. Re:coded cost a dollar more than Days. How? I checked the games fir the DS and It said $18 for Re:coded and $17 for Days. I was like "Oh.. well.. *Ahem* this is awkward.." I only knew about days then I saw Re:coded and i was like "Re:coded..?" So yeah.. 358 days isn't up there with Re:coded lol
    I did and well, I didn't get DDD.. instead i got Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded.. its not bad but i was let down.. ono
    Haha, Oh! Nah, that was my bad. I heard of that game before so I should have known XD
    Okay, so Sora get's Donald and Goofy for his support on his team - If you could pick any Disney Characters to be on yours (Limit is Two, and excludes Donald and Goofy, Major ones like Yen-Sid and Mickey and No princesses) who would you pick? I think mine would be
    1. Beast
    2. Stitch
    It was actually pretty hard to decide... Haha, Hercules, Aladdin even Winnie... I might replace Stitch with Jack Skelington (Skeleton?)
    What's AS Revelations? .
    1. Destiny Islands
    2. Enchanted Forest
    3. Keyblade Graveyard
    Also, how was your X-mas? :smile:
    Yep I really soft fluffy wolf blanket some other cool things and Kingdom hearts Dream drop distance :D You?
    (Not counting the X-blade or The Kingdom Keys)
    2.Ultima Weapon
    3.Destiny's Embrace
    Favorite worlds? (Up to three) XD
    Hmm... Yes and on Roxas and no on Xemnas.
    I'd go with Xion. Haha.
    Okay... Zaq's or Hercules?
    Haha, it lacked some finesse but it's still a weapon. haha.
    Okay if you had to date one of the Organization 13 members who would it be?
    Haha, everyone keeps saying that. Friday is it. lol
    Whats your one?
    When is that happening?
    Oh and you know what would be cool, if there was a keyblade to match the X-blades power - Kinda like how Aqua did it with friendship but one that had a Keychain and everything. Maybe the Heart Keyblade? Sounds lame but I bet it could look really cool.
    I looked it up there are Keyblades.. but i don't know if there are abilities.. >w>
    Haha, I just heard the most ridicules thing. I was on KHinsider's main site and a add had a country guy singing a pop song. It was funny at the time.
    Also, hear any KH news?
    Yeah, Im pretty surprised on how they rose the elements from Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep to Kingdom Hearts 3D.. I wonder If you get other Keyblades in the game or any Abilities like in the first game..
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