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    District 9

    Well I noticed that there wasn't any Threads about this movie so I thought 'Hey the trailer looks awesome, and it has aliens.' District 9 is directed by Peter Jackson, that one guy who directed the new King Kong, the effing long ass one. Well I was wondering as seeing how the commercial and...
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    Help/Support ► Stupid reproductive system!

    Yeah the baby might be healthy but what of her? I mean her body might not talk the birth of the baby.
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    Help/Support ► Stupid reproductive system!

    lol Hey my girlfriend ain't like that. But serious what girl does that though? Just for a baby? lol He'll be in shock for a couple days. I'd advise you to get a riot shield by the weeks end.
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    Help/Support ► Stupid reproductive system!

    Isn't that the girl who had like sex 300 times with 15 different guys just to get a baby? White girls like that gives the rest of the white society a bad name. Well back to the actual thread. I'm surprised your boyfriend didn't explode on you for learning he got you pregnant. I heard that was...
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    Help/Support ► [Question] She's already got a boyfriend.... [Question]

    Re: She's already got a boyfriend.... Be a friend and ask her slowly. Build up to it. Like get her alone so no one can interrupt you and what not. And if she says no that she doesn't like you that way try harder to show how much you like her. But don't try like noticeably hard subtle hard, like...
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    Did you waste your money?

    I found the game pretty good. I got it for X-mas with a Gamestop card so someone else bought it for me XD
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    Push: The RP

    Time: 9:00am Day: July 20th, 2010 Setting: Tokyo Hospital, Tokyo, Japan. Thomas signed his release form when he heard a familiar voice, "Hello, Thomas." Thomas turned around to see a man in his late 30's. He wore a gray suit with a black tie and his hair looked stupid, spiked in the front and...
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    Transformers II To Buy or Not To Buy!?

    Transformers 2: A Buy or Not To Buy!? Okay I watched the Transformers 2 game commercial on the Moving Picture Box (T.V lol) And I was like holy crap Transformers 2 is going to be so freaking awesome. But then I was like liffy on the whole buying it without watching X-Play (The only news I ever...
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    Best KH Worlds

    I liked: Agrabah (More roaming) Pride Lands (Cuz you can be that little guy and run around the sorta largest area) Halloween Town (from the first KH) Twilight Town (Biggest town you'll ever be in) The worlds could have been a bit better though. More free roaming. =D
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    Xion likes tea with Xemnas in the Room of Sleep!

    I'll take a gander and say that it probably was Xion. But maybe maybe, since the Room of Sleep is in Hollow Bastion (If I remember correctly.) Xemnas might have been talking to the MCP of Tron's world?
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    1000 Heartless battle.

    lol There are scenes in there that would have made the KH1 game a lot better. That boss would have been cool *o* The only thing that kinda pissed me off was that I would have guessed that in the second KH that there would have been a lot more room to roam sorta like GTA and what not.
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    Push: The RP (Sign Ups///OCC)

    OCC: This is officially my first Role-play so I don't expect to much and some kind words. I'm up for ideas that always helps. "Right now our future isn't that great." There are special people in this world. We don't ask to be special. We're just born this way. We pass you on the streets...
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    The End! A Post-Apocalyptic (Unfinished) Story

    Okay somethings you need to read first: I know that that there is '*' in the beginning. I put them there for a reason and that reason is that I don't know what kind of Job my main character will be in. I do know there is a slight problem with a couple lines. This is a critque thread and I...
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    Most Epic Scene in the game?

    My favorite part would be in KH1 where Cloud comes in, all badassism, in the Colosseum. In KH: RE COM would be the battle between Axel and Marluxia (still can't believe his name is pronounced so retarded like.) And in KH2 would be when Roxas pulls out the dual Keyblades.
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    A Glitch In KH2?

    Okay for about a couple years I known this that Sephiroth has a weakness in his ultimate attack during the fight in KH2. Well as he does Heartless Angel (the move where Sephiroth takes all your Hp, all but 1, your Mana and leaves you with squat.), you have a split second to use Curaga or Cura...