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Recent content by Demon X

  1. D

    Resident Evil 5 Is Racist? ((My Thoughts))

    My thoughts on the idea of capcom being racist against black people. :nahnah: YouTube - Resident Evil 5 Is Racist? ((My Thoughts)) I should say though, the vid does say a couple cuss words here and there though
  2. D

    Advent Children World? ((SPOILERS FOR KH2))

    First off, if u haven't beaten Sephy in KH2...LEAVE, or you'll get spoiled...lol. Ok, so I was thinking today in school while I was bored. You know how after u beat Sephy, him and Cloud battle it out and eventually teleport to "Their own world". Well do u think that world could be a Advent...
  3. D

    Kingdom Form?

    I was thinking...about the rumor that there might be a new form, and then I thought of a form called KINGDOM FORM. It would better then final, with the 2 key blades hovering around Sora while Donald and Goofy's weapons or being held by Sora himself, or vise-versa. What do u guys think?? Just an...
  4. D

    DvD Ripping

    Please someone tell me how too do it man please!!!:sad:
  5. D

    Master Cheif vs. Luke Skywalker

    Who would win? Very tough descion eh'? any ways my vote go's to MC...3...2...1...DEBATE!
  6. D

    Cloud vs. Super Saiyan

    Who do u think would win? Super Saiyan FUTURE Trunks or Cloud from FF? My vote goes to Super Saiyan Trunks.
  7. D

    Dog vs. Cat

    Yeah there's been a lotta debate about this since the begging of time! well okay maybe not but this debate goes back FARRR. Anyways who do u think would win? Keep in mind that this means that there both FULLY GROWN ADULTS. And also that its not about a certain type of Breeds of the two species...
  8. D

    !!!Kings Of Convenience!!!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9r9sQ6PHOM&search=I%27d%20rather%20dance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAx6-7ZIdjM&NR I LOVE THIS BAND!!! man there sound is so diffent from anything I've ever heard, I love em' so much! check them out! :thumbsup:
  9. D

    Did Any One Even Like Pepsi Blue?

    U all know what pepsi blue was right? well it come out a long time ago and they stoped selling it because of sales (What a surprise) so I'm wondering did anyone actally like the stuff?
  10. D

    Future Trunks (DBZ) vs. Chuck Norris!

    Who do u think would win?...this is a hard one, lol
  11. D

    Full Final Fantasy Advent Children! (For those who haven't seen it)

    part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0viCEdXGxA part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJWTKFcg3Cc Enjoy peoples! :D :D
  12. D

    Abel's Island

    I LOVED this book! I know its kinda childish book (with the whole animals thing) but I read it in 6 grade and loved it! anyone else heard of this book or like it?
  13. D

    Spiderman 3 Teaser!

    Yep its out, in fact it came out in June 27th, (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0PXesCtCTQ&search=spiderman%203) it looks sweet! Theres supposed to be 4 villans this time, Venom, Green Goblin, and Sandman, and the other is unkown for the moment. Enjoy!
  14. D

    Favorite Resident Evil?

    Title says it all, even though I know alotta people are gonna say RE4.
  15. D

    Mindlees Self Indulgence!

    *Mindless Self Indulgence I love these guys/girls, but alot people probably don't like em' cuz there hard rock, anyways any body here like em' or heard of them?