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    Hello Everyone!

    Hello everyone! Wow.. it's been a long long time! To celebrate the announcement of the long awaited Kingdom Hearts 3, I have returned! I missed this place. This was always my one stop for all kingdom hearts news, and still is. I just haven't been active in the forums since the development...
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    help on xenosaga 3

    ok, i need some help with xenosaga 3. im on the very last boss xarathusta, i can't beat him, for some reason. do you guys have any tips for me? edit: nevermind ill just close the thread. i finally beat the game and what a sad ending it was. :sad:
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    Game Informer FF12 review

    well i got my issue of game informer this month and it has a review of final fantasy 12. they said it was a very good game, the sound was great, the gameplay was great, just about everything. They gave the score 9.25/10. which i think is really good.:) sorry i can't scan it, i dont have a...
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    favorite metroid game

    what is your favorite metroid game? my favorite was metroid zero mission and fusion, they were good 2d games..
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    favorite metal gear!

    out of all the metal gear solid games, which one was your favorite? mine was metal gear solid 3 snake eater because i loved all the characters, the enemies were cool, the story was awesome, everything about it actually.
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    some good ps2 online games

    i finally just got ps2 online and im having a lot of fun with it. ive got ratchet deadlocked, ratchet and clank up your arsenal, star wars battlefront, socom 2, socom 3 for the online games. is there any other really good ps2 online games i should get?
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    xenosaga 1 and 2 ds

    ive looked around on websites and ive been wondering, will this game be released in the us? some websites say its likely not to be released in the u.s. they say it didn't do very good in japan so thats why its not coming to the u.s. anyone know anything about this..
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    arc the lad twilight ending

    can someone give me a link to the ending to arc the lad twilight of the spirits? i looked on youtube but i couldn't find it. edit: there hasn't been a post for several days so ill close it [closed]
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    mario strikers charged

    a new mario strikers game is heading to the wii in mario strikers charged(working title).. heres a link to gamespot for info. http://www.gamespot.com/wii/sports/mariostrikerscharged/index.html
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    selling ps2 at ebgames

    for the people who have sold a playstation 2 at ebgames, how much can you get if you sold one? because im thinking about selling my ps2 to help buy the wii.
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    FF3 Transportation

    how come i can't see the thread? weird....
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    el kardian (an mmorpg)

    i started playing el kardian about a week ago and im having a lot of fun with it. the problem is there is barely anyone playing the game. if im lucky ill find maybe 2 people the entire time... does anyone here play the game it was made in 1999 so that might be one of the reasons no one really...
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    favorite dbz budokai game

    what is your favorite dbz budokai game? my favorite was dragonball z budokai tenkaichi because of the freedom you had.
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    Favorite Shadow Hearts game

    out of the shadow hearts game which was your favorite? mine had to be Shadow Hearts covenant, i was really amazed by how much fun the game was.. the third one was good but not as good as the second one.
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    best jak game

    what was your favorite jak game? my favorite was jak 3 because of all the vehicles you can drive and the weapons.