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    So how does the 358/2 Days work?

    It's gonna be like watching a movie. Kinda awesome.
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    E3 gameplay footage

    Looks so good. Real excited. Thanks for the link!
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hello everyone! Wow.. it's been a long long time! To celebrate the announcement of the long awaited Kingdom Hearts 3, I have returned! I missed this place. This was always my one stop for all kingdom hearts news, and still is. I just haven't been active in the forums since the development...
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    Halloween town glitch

    hmm.. didn't see that, but i did have a glitch with Zero when i was giving him a bone to find a heartless for the first time. he got stuck in the wall, and i had to restart the mission to continue :(
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    Do you like the Panel System more than the regular way of getting stronger.

    i like it. it gives you more flexibility on what you can do, and switch things up a bit. it doesn't feel as repetitive imo. i like the extra ability in there when your doing a combo, and you get to press y. lol
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    Proud mode in Days

    it's difficult on normal at some points if you dont have the right type of magic, but it's not too bad so far, proud mode should be fun.
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    Boss battles .... help?

    hmm, just got done beating this boss, i used the keyblade with the long air combos. it took me about 5 tries, then finally got it, didn't need to stun him, i think i used 1 limit, but it was a pain, first couple times i tried killing the tentacles, all it did was waste time so i went in and...
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    how long did it take you to beat Riku and Sora's game

    yeah they are getting a little old... my game hours were like 15hrs on sora and like 6-7 hours on riku. maybe a little more.
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    help on xenosaga 3

    ok, i need some help with xenosaga 3. im on the very last boss xarathusta, i can't beat him, for some reason. do you guys have any tips for me? edit: nevermind ill just close the thread. i finally beat the game and what a sad ending it was. :sad:
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    Play as Riku?

    im pretty sure they'll put that in re:chain of memories.
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    2-D vs 3-D

    that's what i think. i wont know until i play it in 3d.
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    Game Informer FF12 review

    well i got my issue of game informer this month and it has a review of final fantasy 12. they said it was a very good game, the sound was great, the gameplay was great, just about everything. They gave the score 9.25/10. which i think is really good.:) sorry i can't scan it, i dont have a...
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    Secret Scene???

    i think they are releasing chain of memories to the ps2 because some people didnt play it for the gba because they didn't have one.
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    Stupid Pooh

    actually i think its just a level to take a break from all the fighting, because you fight a boss next, he can be hard.
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    WHATDAFu..'S OF kh2

    hmm well i dont know about the cutscenes being weird, they had to translate them to english from japenese, so sometimes it didn't work so well i guess that's what your talking about. i skip them now, the first time through i watched through them all, but i dont really find the use of...