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  • I would never be able to control 4 x__x Too confusing XD
    Let's see then >:3 *goes to post reply* XD
    XDDDD Lol~
    Yesh, Japan is crowded D: But I still wanna visit there someday o3o
    Yus, I see that XD I only have one character D: I don't like controlling multiple ones x_x
    Oh really? What happened? :O
    Nyah, okay D:< Uhm... subject, subject... Aha! Japannnnnn :DD What do you like about it? XD
    But Japanese is good D: They usually have better voices than the dub version *cough*Ulquiorra*cough* o3o
    Okey dokey~
    Fairy Tail? Isn't there gonna be an anime of that sometime this year? :O I've never read it though XD Didn't the author of DGM break her wrist or something? 0.0
    Nyah, I gtg D: Cya later!
    Lol, because she can see black rings around people's necks when they're about to die, and zombies have black rings. So they make her find zombies with black rings but they turned out to be people wearing black necklaces. XD Oh, here's another vid with kawaii Chika-kun :D
    Okay, I'm back on! *evil laugh* >:D I don't think you're online atm though XD
    Anyway, anything you wanna talk about? Choose a topic >:O
    Yushhh XD Kenichi something voices him. And he's on your avatar :O
    Anyway, I gtg now! See ya later~
    There are 6 years you can take, but you only have to stay until you're 16. Then you can choose if you wanna stay or leave.
    Yessss definitely read it >:D The newest chapters are so good 8D And the anime is good too. The guy that voices Lavi from D Gray-man voices Chika :DDD
    Well, I'm in 4th year of HS. In the UK, you start HS when you're about 12. I'm gonna be 16 just before 5th year starts :D
    Ohhh, so you read shounen manga then? :O You should read Zombie-Loan! It's gooood :)
    6:30? Woah,that's early o_o I get up for school at about 8am XD
    Well, I read a lot of different mangas, Dengeki Daisy, Hajimete no Aku , Zombie-Loan and more~ What manga do you read?
    Sophomore? Uhh, I guess I am. But I'm from the UK, so I don't get called a sophomore. I just get called a high school student XD
    You fell asleep? D: Too much homework or something? O.O
    And I'm pretty good, just checking some mangas for updates XD
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