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  • xD
    Well that's one interesting place more than we have here.

    So, I take it you're not having school tomorrow?
    Lol, do you also have this problem of always making so many plans for things you never get around to doing during school days, and ultimately never really doing them? D:

    Take your time, I'll be going to bed soon anyway. It's already 10:30 PM over here. :3
    Lol, same here. Yet I somehow seem to be looking forward to it every single time. >__>

    Sure I do. :D
    My name is "Leonard_Ricci@web.de", if you want to add.
    xD good luck then xD Just don't miss any food from Padang; it's a must for spicy lovers >D (especially the rendang, which actually got me aswell; and I don't really like other spicy food in general xD)

    Leadership seminar...well, hundreds of 'seminars' are held throughout Indonesia at the same time, so I've heard, and I think...nu uh >w< I....can't seem to pay attention to stuff like that 83 /seriously, how old are you anyway?/ The only thing I know about a Leadership Seminar is that it's a seminar about leadership xD /yearightpfft/

    /beingchildish/ (Heck, I even have insomnias just because of some horror movies >_> Like right now. 8|)
    Oh gosh 8D My best suggestions if you're really going here are:

    1. Bring a parasol. And an umbrella (wait, they're technically the same..); the weather's not very stable here lately.
    2. And prepare to be attacked by the heat; I think 28-30 C is quite normal here x3 if it doesn't rain, that is.
    3. People here are mostly nice...as long as you don't look for trouble ;D

    Oh, and prepare your stomach; the amount of unique food in Indonesia is just unbeatable xD Especially if you love spicy stuff ;) So...where will you be going? Jakarta?
    Well, I'm sure the work won't stop there. :3

    Haha, but I'm probably making it sound much harder than it actually will be.

    I'm really not looking forward to next week, seems there'll be a lot of school work for me to do, the last week before the holidays to be exact. D:

    Shit happens.

    Constantly. ;__;
    Wait, you've just realised? o.o

    /holds a big plank with YESSIR I AM ONE written on it/
    I sincerely blame fanfiction.net and roleplaying forums for my absence. /brick'd/
    Nothing new, just...stuffs. Riight. Other than me on the verge of failing something stupid called national exam and not leaving junior high school on time.

    Riiight >3 /so what's this conversation button for? *click*/ Forgive me for being hiatus from here when the system starts >D /shoots self/
    Yeah I am, I just had some family issues at home to deal with, that limits my time to the comp. :/
    Yeah <3
    My favorites right now are Brightly Wound, I Could Be There for You, and hmmm...... Ten Cent Blues is really good too. :3
    i hate when that happens, my goodness

    but yeah both Combinations and Room Noises are awesome ^^
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