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  • ^w^
    Nothing much, we just had to take a blood sample from our own fingers and check our blood type... I couldn't take it myself, cause my hands were shaking, so our teacher took it. Now my index finger has a small cut, because she didn't take the needle off in the right way. >:
    My blood type is AB, by the way. It's very rare in Finland. :D!
    Biology is fun, yes... The lesson today was kinda gross, though. We had to examine a heart of a pig. Gladly I didn't have to cut it open, or touch it. Ew. XD

    Kay then, luv. I'll go and get some food. :3 You stay here, and be nice! >:3
    Bored? D: That is baad.... I have to post into the RP, so you have something to do. XD

    Oh yeeah... You still posting from your mobile phone?
    *caresses the small kitten* <3
    I is good. :3 My finger still hurts, though. Our biology teacher can't take blood samples... Grr.
    Oh, and just noticed that I'm hungry. XD

    What about you? :3
    Heh, I was born in Finland and live in Finland. XD But I just like England very much. <3
    Ah, the beach. Reminds me of summer; warm water, sunshine, and my birthday! :D!

    I have to go to sleep now. It's pretty late here, and I have school tomorrow. >:
    Bye, sweetie! <3 *huggles*
    I do? Well, thanks again. :3
    Hazel eyes and brown hair? Oooh, I'm good. XD

    Jenni means something like "White Wave". I'm so happy that my name is originally Welsh, I like England so much. :D
    Ooooh. I see. :3
    Thanks. I don't really like my name... XD
    Hafeez! :D! That reminds me of the word "hazel". XD
    Brownies. <3
    Oh, you're posting with your phone? D: What happened to your computer?
    Also, if you someday get to go to msn, don't get scared. Some weird creep named Jenni added you to her contact list. XD
    Hey! It has indeed been a looong time D: It's nice to see you back again though. I assume you were busy during the time you were absent? Let's hope you'll be more active from now on <3

    So, how have you been?
    Meh, depends on what kind of cheese they put in.

    My tastebuds seem to hate these bitter kind of cheeses they sometimes put in there. D:
    Lol, is it really named "Cordon Bleu"? xD

    We've got a special kind of meat (like steak, for example) named like that. Pork filled with ham and cheese. :d
    Oh, good luck then. <3

    Say, how many more years do you have until graduation? (I would have asked you for your grade/class, too but your school system might be different from mine : P)
    Nice song, BTW my song's name is I'm still here

    Thouhg I'm gonig to hit the sac cus I'm begining to fall asleep night
    Well just try to tinhk of a song that speaks to ya more than others, mine's in my sig, just read it and I' think it might hit ya.
    I'm into all music but techno but my favrote has got to be punk rock, Goo goo dolls, bowling for soup, there's more but it's to longof a list.
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