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Recent content by Daydreamer

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    I think Xion's pretty cool because she was the first female character we got to see wielding a Keyblade. Other than that, she was pretty so-so. I actually wish that instead of RAX, the Days trio could have been Roxas, Axel, and Namine. I have no idea how that would've worked, but I think it...
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    What do you think the "3D" stands for?

    Hmmm. 3D could mean 3...Dogs. Goofy, Pluto, and NEW MYSTERY CHARACTER :3 No, seriously, I think 3 Destinies or 3 Dreams sound really cool. Seeing a Kairi scenario would be a welcome, in my opinion. Despite being a main character, she's constantly shoved off to the side, so maybe if she's part...
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    Heartless or Unversed?

    Voted for Heartless. Like others have stated, the Unversed aren't quite as powerful once their source/leader is destroyed. Heartless are basically manifestations of the darkness if people's hearts. They've got the Unversed beat in terms of numbers.
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    Re: Who else will I eat ice cream with? It seemed like a REALLY silly line at first, but I think it could be sad if you look into it. I think Roxas thinks of friends as people you eat ice cream with. Once Xion disappears and he says that line, it's sort of like he's asking, "Who will I be...
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    If Kingdom Hearts II was entirely Roxas' game

    I'm not sure. It would've been interesting to play out more of Roxas's story in KH2 if it was more about him starting to recall more memories and learning about Organization XIII. If it was more of those irritating mini-games that you had to do with the jobs to get munny, then no, it wouldn't...
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    Too much KH2 hate?

    I don't think KH2 is terrible. In fact, it's far from it, and it's a pretty good game. The problem is that it doesn't live up to KH1. I remember getting frustrated when I had to find something in one of the worlds in KH1 since they were all so spread out and open. It was easy (for me, at least)...
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    Hey everyone!

    Hi, my name's Daydreamer (or Yumi). I should be doing homework right now, but hey, this is more fun :) I'm new here, and I'm a total KH nerd :3 This forum looks pretty great and I'm looking forward to my stay here.