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  • Yep. Major Daniel Craig as Bond Fanboy. XD

    Aww thanks! I really mean it! Belle is my favorite Disney Princess. Always has been. :3
    The small,kid ones are the ones I would go on.
    And some of them are actually fun.XD

    Sure,go ahead.I LOVE spoilers!=D
    The twins are my favorite,too.They make me laugh.
    I've only been on Medusa and Roar at Discovery Kingdom.And I will only go on those.>_<

    I've read Ouran,before.It's really funny.My favorite character is Tamaki.:)Who's yours?
    Yeah,I agree.I mean what's the point of going to a really cool place and you don't even remeber it?
    I see i feel quite lucky i got someone to talk to regarding that
    I havent play KH either i knew the story by reading the comic XD
    i like Pooh Bear he is so cute :3
    I'm scared of most rollercoasters.O.OI'm afraid of heights.
    Now I am never going on that.You've offically scared me.

    Go Hikaru!!!
    I've only been to Vegas.That was when I was 5 though.I've been to Hawaii,but that was when I was three.>_>
    Older disney stuffs are nostalgic it is my childhood some of the new disney movies are good too i like the frog princess :D. Yea sometimes i would talk to him about KH :D. Is it the hundred acre woods mini games in COM?
    I cant really blame Carl too after what happened to him.
    I like Camp Rock if i am not wrong it is a disney movie too XD. You should watch the disney classic with her i bet she would love it :D. It was actually my brother that attracted me to KH i saw him playing one of the KH game and that attracted me to it.
    I'm not riding that......

    Rhianna's always gonna be on my top fav list.So is Fergie.
    Never been to NY.
    Ha,ha!You bet it is!

    Rhianna's my top fav.Kesha's cool,too.
    WHAT!!!!!!!!O.O You might be going to NY city?!(Now that's a place Disneyland can't beat!)
    i watch Up too and it was a nice movie the first five minutes did make me cry it was so sad.
    XD what is your cousin watching that make all those noise. Aladdin or Wall E is not bad at least Aladdin got nice music :D
    I have seen that and i love it :D the song was nice too
    I like those too :D grow up watching those so they are partly my childhood.
    I like classic disney movies too :D Beauty and the Beast was one of my favourite classic disney movie
    Oo my page had 666 visit i didnt even notice that XD
    You are welcome hope you will enjoy your stay in the forum if you want someone to talk to you can always talk to me :)
    Thanks you :D your avatar is lvoely too i like it :)
    No tricks!Just find threads that you really like and post there!Sometimes you'll get replies and if you reply back,it can pretty much turn into a coversastion.That's one of the things that got me to the top.

    We're going to Disneyland!!!!
    ^ ^ Heh,no problem!

    Lol!!I don't know how I got 200 posts so fast.It just...Happened.XD

    School really sucks.We have a field trip coming up.
    I just wanna help you out.I mean,you want at least one friend to start out with.^ ^

    Lol!!Do you need any help on this forum?
    My day was normal.Didn't do much,accept go to school
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