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  • Title: Shades of Blue
    Link: In the signature
    Preferred critic: Dawninmyheart
    Other comments: Have fun, and I have time~

    :3 <3
    Sometimes ._.

    Yup pretty much, I was planning on watching all the episodes then moving on to the manga afterwards. Only thing is I hit a couple of fillers on the way >.> beware the fillers after episode 135!

    Hmm guess that might be it then
    Haha well thanks to you I can't stop watching it! I've even been slacking off in my site work duties >:c

    Oh man 60? haha there's about 506 chapters ;p

    lol well I thought the thread would be closed by now
    I do too, its cool and original! I really like Lancelot too, especially cause I new he was a code geass nut.

    oh, and prepare yourself, the request is up XD
    lol really o_O

    I honestly think that's one of the worst i've made xD..though then again, i criticize my work too hard xP
    Oh, Shin for Shinkiro. Ive always stuck with Cal because he's the king of changing his name (bumblebee, lancelot, etc. you name it he probably thought of using it XD).Ha but I can see you being busy^^ Yep be ready its now decided that my next request is gonna be for you
    Haha I've been going to that shop for a couple years now whenever I wanted something done. Cal just recently made me one, and it was the first sig I'd had made in more than 6 months. When he told me it was in the shop I looked around, and that may have been where I saw you. Really like your work, don't be surprised if I pop in one day with a request for you :)
    I'm quite the grammar hound myself, but unfortunately I type something and just post as opposed to checking it first.

    I die inside whenever I see or hear the word "fishes"
    It's honestly not that great as everyone hypes it up to be, least I can close my threads but oh well. Also, Chapter Two is harder to write then the first but you'll be the first to see the completed product.
    Yes I know. Unfortunately I can't do that in my signature, but thats what the custom user-titles are for
    GOD I wish you didn't hate yaoi... ;~; I'd love for you to critique my fanfic... but it's shonen-ai with Sora and Riku... But you're probably my best critic on the team.
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