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  • 1) Well, it's not so much that I'm arguing the case for a character who acts without rhyme or reason, but I find a character who acts on a code or motivations that are not common to most people or are askew from what's socially accepted, I'm intrigued. Not to say I'm rooting for them or feel the same for dangerous people who act on a skewed moral code in real life, of course. You mentioned some good examples. N, of course, has his upbringing to blame for his questionable people skills and code of ethics. Joshua acts on reason, but only on his own. The latter is quite a hard character for a lot of people to like for obvious reasons, but it's interesting to get in his head, to see his motivations, because he does have them. They can be interesting characters of questionable standing or even antagonists as well, of course. I'd say that there should probably only be one at most in a single work, however, since they should serve as contrast to "normal" characters moreso than anything else.

    2) Oh, not so great news regarding it... I won't be getting my own laptop for a few days, it seems. This laptop is somewhat old and a little unfamiliar for me to use, but I'm still here, I suppose.

    3) Hopefully you can find a balance to work out with your daily schedules well enough u_u

    4) It'll be a few days before that's possible, though...

    5) And there's no way to contact him before you may move? Facebook or other online options are also impossible? There must be same way for you guys to communicate...

    All of those pokemon were found there naturally? I wish I would've come across all of them. Weirdness aside, that would make a great party.

    the gym leader with an Exploud and the challenge involving Whismur.

    6) I'm not particularly well traveled aside from this trip I took to Japan, and I'm not so good at geography, so I can't help you there...

    7) Ah, good point, I should have read through the whole thing before replying, I guess... I'll go back and see, because I remember us discussing it vaguely, but the specifics have slipped my mind. Just a second.
    Nose Trouble - ienzo628's Sta.sh I am having some trouble with Sora's nose. It's harder than what I did two days ago. Sad Fate for Three Friends by ~ienzo628 on deviantART Plus, a lot of these panels are from the manga.

    1) I guess you've got a point, so maybe I'm weird, but I find such characters fascinating, and would even like to try writing a story of my own centered around such a character. A character who so easily kills others would have some interesting motivations and moral code, or lack thereof. Maybe it's because I enjoy the psychological genre (so long as it doesn't overlap with horror). I may watch the show sometime, all the information I have of it comes from reading synopses and such. I like abridged series, though --may I have a link of the one you watch?

    2) ;w; Oh, what a cute song. When I got home, there were internet issues, but I'm definitely back now. :3

    3) I'm not sure if I should be a little relieved to hear that or not...

    4) Well, I'm back home anyway, so once I get a laptop we'll just go back to skyping. No need for a code now.

    6) Ah, your progress in that has stagnated until your friend can reply or you can work up more motivation? I wish there was something I could do to help, that really does sound like a worthwhile idea...

    7) Nope, why?

    Oh, yes, I'm sorry, I didn't know you disliked her. I've heard her called the "Queen of Yandere," but I only know of her. I haven't gotten around to seeing her show. I guess it would be inconsiderate of me to ask you exactly how far she takes it since it seems to not be your favorite topic...
    I apologize, I couldn't get on for a number of reasons the past several days. This is my last week in the program, though, so that's good news. I'll be able to get on more often when I'm home, presumably.

    Oh, but that reminds me, have you been getting enough sleep? You mentioned before that you were getting by on fewer hours, but that really won't be good for you if you do it for too long.

    That's the idea, but I'm not sure how we could go about constructing a code. :dc

    I never used them very often, but I think Exploud can be really useful to have on a team. Whismur's cute, but I never had much use for it myself. I have mixed feelings on Loudred for it, though.
    Leave It To Bieber - YouTube Justin Beiber pisses in bucket. How is it going tonight? I am going for a barbeque today.

    Thanks... I'll definitely make time to see you guys much more frequently, now. What matters most is that we can all finally talk again, even if I'm still busy for now, haha.

    I'm pretty lucky someone was there to wake me, though, since we were on a brigde over traffic to get there. But I'm back into the swing of things now for sure, no need to worry a bit~

    [IMG]I think the way you stay in character for them all is charming, though. [IMG] But you have a good point, we're probably being watched even now... Maybe we need a secret code of some sort until Skype is an option again.
    Pretty much, we are just copying the Old Testament, if that makes any sense. I mean, in some countries like Iran or Pakistan, women are seen as worthless and here the government and people want to regulate women's rights like saying if she has a right or not to birth control or an abortion. Sure, women can work, but if we didn't have Christianity, Islam, Judaism or any other religion that treats women like their second-class citizen than things might be better. Why can't women just have the same rights as men?
    Plus, who can define nothing? Nothing is usually something. The whole concept of nothingness seems intriguing. I am kind of on the fence between an atheist and a deist.

    Sorry about that, guess I was pretty unclear. It still feels so new to me, though, I can hardly believe I'm back.

    I didn't think I would mind, but my sleeping schedule was way thrown off! It was hard falling back in the swing of things, and almost as soon as I got back, I had to go to this program, so it was hard staying awake the first week. I even fell asleep on my feet while walking over to the gym the first day.

    Wah? You really think that many people are watching us? But why?
    Forever since before the break, I mean. The school year had really dragged on, and since I never found the time to get back to you guys, it felt like longer than I knew it was, you know?

    Thanks, I did. I hope I can go back one day, but the jet lag was definitely awful, haha.

    Hm, true. I wouldn't think anyone would really care to read our conversations, though, so I hadn't thought about it before.

    Haha, I can't help it, I'm so happy when I'm with you! It feels like it's been forever since we've gotten to talk.

    It was definitely worth the photo journal we had to make of the trip --I wish you could have seen it, too. It was so much larger than I imagined, and the people were amazing!

    You, too! Skype is much more convinient as a way for talking than the forums are, but the forums will do until I can get back home. :3 Stalkers?
    I was thinking of having Sora as an Apprentice of Ansem the Wise. He acts like a spy for the king, but the six apprentice catch him and turn him into a Heartless. Isa and Lea look for him, but they end up being turned into Heartless as they are looking for him.

    R-really? You mean it? Same with me, then! I could never forget you guys! Especially you <3

    I had a lot of fun! We visited Tokyo, went to restaurants (the first one was Texas-themed, haha), museums (like the Miraikan, a future technology museum that was absolutely amazing), temples, went to Hanamaki to have a homestay with a Japanese host family, and went to Shibuyu (so many people!).

    Yup, so I got to head home yesterday! My long weekend has begun, and I can finally talk to you guys again! :D
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