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  • Anyways, how is it going tonight? I wanted to talk to somebody on a talk show. My question is this, "God can't help those who can't help themselves".
    God's Not Dead Official Trailer - YouTube God's Not Dead is coming out in 2014. Here is the trailer. Do you think it is insipid? Do you think it makes non-believers look like crybabies? Sorry, if I haven't talked to you in awhile. I hope you're doing okay.
    Yep, the Virgin Mary was carved from the tree just with a knife for two years or something like that. And, pretty much just proofread it for me. I am still working it though.
    It's okay, I've done the same before. Kinda like now. :3 It's important to rest if you get tired, after all.

    1) Ah, I simply used skewed to mean different, functionally at least. A skew line lies crooked to another line, but that doesn't mean either line is pointing in a more correct direction, to put it simply. That's part of why I like looking into characters like that --they have a reason for thinking the way they do, be it nature or nurture, and they make you realize that all characters --and all people --do, in just the same way. More simplistic or linear stories tend to show a more defined since of wrong and right when using such a character as an antagonist, like the Joker, for example. But N is a notable example because his ambitions were presented to be noble in that his heart was in the right place, and the issue was not his way of thinking but the misinformation he had been given. I'd like to write a story that focuses on such a character to illustrate a few of the oddities that a "normal" mindset or point of view glosses over or possesses.

    I actually hadn't heard about the argument against Mario, although I've seen it used against Sora in the same vein. Interesting.

    4) True, I may be worrying too much about something that could be easily fixed. I just expected to be back on Skype by now, you see.

    5) Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. Besides a missed opportunity, there's been nothing, then? You're sounding more and more suspicious of his excuses, too --are you worried he's not at all committed to the project anymore?

    When I nickname my pokemon, I usually just name them after some close friends of mine. Ah, I wish I could say I was better at strategy than I am, because I do get attached to my team (that's why I tend to build a mostly permanent team somewhat early on), but I'm not too great at planning in advance for things like that. I try to make my pokemon as well-rounded as possible and focus on their attack power, but I couldn't really tackle a challenge with it. *~* I'm sorry for your loss. It really does add something to the games when you put it that way

    The link doesn't seem to be working for me... But I have heard of the Nuzlocke anyway, which I deemed out of my league. And I don't have what I would need to take on yours, it seems.

    It seems to be rather resourceful and good for the offensive, but I still don't think I can see it as the final resort in a gym. I'm no expert, though, if you disagree.

    6) [IMG] I really, really wish I could offer more, but I do tend to be rather unhelpful, huh?

    7) Darkrai, Cresselia's natural opposite, in a way, may have trapped the girl in the dream to begin with. Drowzee's relationship to nightmares or dreams is clear, but in context, I don't see any obvious connections. If he's the one who took the girl, then Darkrai wouldn't be the one who did. Since Drowzee's wouldn't like eating nightmares, I can't imagine it would work with a Darkrai, or even if a ghost can dream... I'm stumped.
    It was mainly the part with Xewn, Lexi, and Ukrix and also Axel going after Roxas. Of course, Sven will be left out. I don't know how I'll do Yen Sid. Do you have a fanfiction account?
    I was just wondering if I can post On the Run, the old fanfiction we did onto my fanfiction account. Is that okay? I can finish the sequel to it, but I'll only use certain parts.
    I know you didn't mean to imply anything, dear, I was just unclear at first by what I meant. It's a matter of preference and interpretation, so of course everyone will see things differently. I didn't mean to imply that I thought your views should mirror mine or anything like that, if that's how it happened to come out. N was motivated by a desire to do what he identified as the only and absolute right in the situation, true. It would seem that Joshua may have been motivated by boredom at first, although he did seem to have a change of heart in the end. They are two very different cases of a similar idea of skewed moral codes, and I found both rather interesting in how they were played out and contrasted against the other characters' sense of right and wrong.

    4) And now apparently my laptop will need to be completely rebooted, so I'll have to wait longer before I can get it back, and I'll probably have to re-install Skype. How unlucky I am...

    5) If you don't put up any personal information besides your name and you lock your page so only friends can see it, Facebook is less risky, but I can see why you would still be reluctant to use it. I made mine because there was someone on there I had to talk with that I couldn't contact another way, but I refrain from using it often. I do hope a letter works for reaching, though, since online sites are not an option for you. It's been quite a long time, but hopefully he has an explanation for not being in touch.

    Aw, you name your pokemon such great names. And you're much better at building a diverse team than me. I tend to stick with the pokemon I catch somewhat early on.

    I've never tried one of the pokemon challenges, since I'm a pretty casual player, but this sounds like something I'd actually try. :dc How did you decide the rules and exceptions?

    I can't see it as the final pokemon of a gym leader, but it would definitely be one of the stronger ones. Normal type gym leaders tend to have a pokemon that's more apt at tricky moves and abilities for last, like a Miltank with a bothersome Rollout. I don't know of Exploud having a particularly tricky enough ability or moveset to outshine another normal type for that spot in particular.

    6) Well, I've been to several parts of Arkansas, to Virginia, to Washington D.C., to the Bahamas once, to New York, to Japan, and to Mississippi. I think that's about it, but if it's not, any other places have also been in the U.S. and not too far from AR.

    7) Found it~ :3

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