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Recent content by Davy Jones

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    Cirque du Vie

    And here it is, the sequel to Cirque du Mort. Yes, my sig lied to you all (shame on it!) For those of you who were previous readers of Cirque du Mort, strap in and enjoy the ride. For those of you who may be tuning in for the first time, I would strongly advise to read the original (yes, it is...
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    Advice would be Nice

    Well, I never thought I'd post a thread here. But even my shallow knowledge of self-help can't pull me out of my current state. Let's start at how I feel: alone. It all happened one day, when someone suggested that I had friends for no reason. Suddenly, all of my friends were no longer there...
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    Favorite T.V. Show Character from ANYWHERE (the unexpected fourth installment)

    Well, like the other three in the ANYWHERE() series, the title is self-explanatory. I'll go through my top four... In no order *Hodges- CSI *Anthony DiNozzo- NCIS *Horatio Caine- CSI: MIAMI *Jordan Cavinaugh- Crossing Jordan
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    Your Favorite T.V. Channel

    Mine would be, in no order: *Discovery Channel *History Channel *A&E *Cartoon Network *CBS How about you, public of KHI?
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    Barry Bonds: Steroids or No?

    Personally, there is very little doubt in my mind that he is on some form of performance enhancing drug. Couple of reasons for this: a) Its nearly impossible to gain 50-ish pounds of muscle mass in a year or so. b) Adults don't grow shoe sizes or skull sizes. The most irritating part to me is...
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    Favorite Disney Character from ANYWHERE (the long awaited end to the trilogy)

    Well, as the long title implies, this is for all of your favorite disney characters from anywhere and everywhere. Here we go. Top 5, in order * Davy Jones- if you caught my previous obsession, you'll know this. * Oogie Boogie- A giant bag of bugs. What's not to love? * Chernabog (Demon of Bald...
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    Favorite Mythological Being.

    Well, here's a list of mine. God: Hades. He's got a helmet of invisibility, and he's the god of death and WEALTH. Goddess: Amaterasu, Shinto Sun goddess. She got mad and hid in a cave, causing the world to die... how exciting. Beast: The Kraken. Not only does it have an AWESOME theme song, but...
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    Favorite Typo that became Famous.

    Mine is Ski doo.Twas supposed to be ski dog.
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    Both have some ups, but personally I am a LEGO person. Much easier to work with.
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    Favorite LEGO set/ character

    I am a huge fan of the LEGO company and their products. My favorite set that I have is the one that allowed me to create a giant Yoda. Favorite character is a BIONICLE set, Vezon.
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    The Nobodies' Tale

    Author's Note: This latest creation ties into the story of my fan fic Cirque du Mort. It deals with the Neo-Organization (first mentioned in chapters 13-15). Reading Cirque Du Mort is not obligatory to knowing the story, but it might do something to help. So now I present... THE NOBODIES' TALE...
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    Favorite Fellowship Member

    This thread is to find out which member of the Fellowship of the Ring is your favorite. I personally like Gimli, for he is funny and an awesome fighter. Being a dwarf gives him points too.
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    Animalia Hearts

    Crashkid77 prouctions presents: ANIMALIA HEARTS Story: While Sora and company were fighting in their own worlds, an equally hard struggle was taking place. In a parallel universe, the worlds of all of the animals have been besieged by heartless and nobodies. Animal keybearers have shown...
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    Favorite Villain from ANYWHERE (another just for clarification thread)

    The Best-Sellin Sequel to Favorite Quote from ANYWHERE (just for clarification) Just kidding. The title is self-explanatory like most in this section. Top 5: 1) Davy Jones- wouldn't know I like him, would you? 2) Barbossa 3) Dr. Neo Cortex 4) N. Gin 5) Commadore Norrington- technically, for...
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    Favorite College Name

    Mine would have to be Roxas College. Its a real thing! Its in the Philipines