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Recent content by Dasuku

  1. D

    Hello everyone from a long time kh fan.

    First of all, I would just like to say I'm a huge fan of this series.I remember discovering this website because they had great KH CoM magazine scans lol. Then came along the Blonde hair kid,EM, and whatever we called Ansem the wise. I was just a young teen, but even back then I realized this...
  2. D

    [SPOILER] Vanitas - the opposite part of Roxas?

    Actually in theory Sora spawned two nobodies,Roxas and namine.He just doesnt have two nobodies because he is one body.Now a body with more the one heart within that turns heartless could in theory create more than one nobody.As for the Vanitas thing,Vanitas is the darkness of Ven and one cannot...
  3. D

    No one dies in KH

    Re: Non one dies in KH Maybe it because the people coming back are main and or popular characters.Unless i see Clayton come back or all the dead bystanders like that one guy in travese town come back which is doubtful there should be some characters that will stay dead.All the people coming...
  4. D

    [SPOILERS] Theory on the gray haired boy

    The GHB is a young Xehanort.Now his appearence could be many reasons.It could be the new xehanort reincarnated.It could even be a clone of YX(doubtfull).He may even look young because of RoS.I guess we wont know until it comes out.
  5. D

    Captain Hook on Proud Mode ...

    same here, Also critical seemed easier.But maybe its because i knew the game very well.However lvl 1 is a pain.
  6. D

    Lazy way of leveling up

    This is how i broke my psp in another game.I suggest finding a spot to train.Unattentive training is very boring and cuts replay time down alot.Also if you need to level up in this game i feel sorry for you.but then again i'm stuck on lvl 1 critical mode.
  7. D

    -eye twitch- Whoever invented Ice Cream Beat needs to be shot.

    I almost sold this game because of the mini game but i just beat it.Mainly because i kept dieing on Socom
  8. D

    I want it now, but I'll wait )=

    My gamestop is about 400 feet away from my work so i will have it when it comes out.
  9. D

    Getting a PSP for BBS?

    I'm dusting off my psp.I am going to get BBs the day it comes out.
  10. D

    Does Xehanort eventually kill Aqua?

    I am pretty sure that the next game will be part of the main series with sora at the helm.But due to the PS3 power and blu ray its unpredictable..
  11. D

    New keyblade

    Sorry Rick didn't mean to mess up i gave you a wrong name and info Final crest keyblade coming soon
  12. D

    BHK's Name

    Dusk means dasuku in japanese i asked what dusk meant in october because i wanted to change my name.
  13. D

    What keyblade combo would you chose

    ultima and oblivon are the two strongest
  14. D

    Kh2 Secret Bosses !!!

    they might have someone like kurt ziza.
  15. D

    What do you think would happen if Sora died?

    if he died the game will end forever