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Recent content by Darkslayers

  1. D

    Who will you play as first

    Aqua, first and then Ven last only b/c i only like to keep the best last.
  2. D

    Battle system and "Unique Commands" info from the new Famitsu

    Re: Battle system info from the new Famitsu This is great, nice job! Both of you. Keep it up
  3. D

    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unversed So Far

    Re: looking forward to most The 50 hours of playing is what I'm most looking forward to, it's gonna be great. :wink:
  4. D

    Good Worlds in BBS?

    I see lilo and stitch world in KH3. not bbs
  5. D

    Bbs intro

    That be something different, but I like. Nah, I want something better. They've used it already and it's getting old.
  6. D

    New scans on BBS

    whoa, this is a nice find.. never seen this, so I supposed there new
  7. D

    BbS Summons

    yeah thinker bell was the only one that helped in that sort of battle.. I thought it was fun and I bet we wont see much of summons in BBS, if they do show, I doubt we will see more than 2//
  8. D

    Should I buy Days?

    Nobody knows how good it is, into you play it. So give it a try? You may like it. :wink:
  9. D

    Was this game better for PS2?

    I consider they both being great. Not to much of a different.
  10. D

    World Limit Commands

    Yeah, in the Demyx fight Knocksmash did help me pull it a way.
  11. D

    World Limit Commands

    I didn't like that one at all..
  12. D

    358/2 Days Official Strategy Guide by BradyGames [PINOCCHIO WORLD INCLUDED??]

    Re: 358/2 Days Official Strategy Guide by BradyGames Never used one. Unless it's something I really need. But like others said, I use gamefaqs.
  13. D

    World Limit Commands

    Yeah it did make it easier, and not all were great tho.
  14. D

    what did you most like about kh2

    Re: What did you LIKE about.... Yeah, I did not like his old clothes, they were horrible.
  15. D

    what did you most like about kh2

    Re: What did you LIKE about.... that is true, it made it so easy, you could beat the game in like 2-3 days. Took me a week tho.