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  • Yeah, was great. Had lots of fun! Though it's great being back at home (home sweet home, am I right?),
    Same here, glad to hear. :) Came back from vacation some days ago (Italyyy!), just in time for the new trailer! :D Some downtime after all the studying is greatly appreciated.
    I mean the kiddo practically jumped into that trap. Throughout the whole game I was mentally screaming at him "You're being kidnapped, stupid!" At least we got Keyblade Master Riku out of that game. And a bunch of small cameos from the other trios and Namine. But Sora, when some smooth talking pretty boys stalk you in your dreams for the love of God, be concerned!!
    (just wanna make sure you know that whatever I say in the shipping thread isn't against you or meant to attack you in any way at all xD)
    It's also suspicious that all of the Organization members look human. You would think that someone like in Disney Town would fall to darkness and likely be strong enough to retain their appearance. The only exception I can think is the Hooded Google.
    I saw your thread concerning Proof of Existence. I actually referred to that in my old fanfiction, which was visited by Axel after he ruined the timeline. I won't spoil that, but he was able to get a lot of information from Roxas's grave in the story in the form of visions. It's kind of odd that such a place exists and it and the Keyboard Graveyard are probably the closest to original Kingdom Hearts worlds that we've seen in the franchise.

    I am curious why the Organization members were so afraid of being turned into Disks, I always thought it had to deal with Xemnas at one point turning one of their allies into one.
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