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Recent content by Darkness_Riku

  1. D

    Your Favorite ► Your most favorite Manga book

    for me i personaly like D.N Angel.
  2. D


    Whoa!! you have the same name as me <.<;; anyway i think Diz is ansems shadow or should i say light side Ansem-Dark Diz-Light and yeah but why does Mickey say in the game "I've seen him before"
  3. D

    Sephiroth vs Enigmatic Man

    EM would win i beated Sephiroth at level 48
  4. D

    Captain hook

    I need help on this guy..the boats keep on rocking,he throws bombs....i need HELP!!!!
  5. D

    How many worlds will there be in KH2?

    Re: how many levels? i would want it to be up to 50 why? because i dont want every monster to be and easy battle
  6. D

    Most Hardest Boss to beat

    yeah you have to beat Marluxia first but ehen you do its a Fake
  7. D

    What do want to see in the new games?

    Re: What do you mostly want to see O of course i forgot about the batle system i know it seems so quick to do attacks and looks realy hard to make them
  8. D

    What do want to see in the new games?

    for me i only want to see The Fusion in the game and maybe see new keyblades(if theirs any)
  9. D

    Most Hardest Boss to beat

    well to me Larxene was pretty hard at first for me
  10. D

    Help on Ice Titan

    please i need surious help on this guy!
  11. D

    ~D.N Angel~

    I love this Manga!! im so adicted to it and i think its Awsome!!
  12. D

    What world would you like to live

    o Castle_Oblivion would be a cool place to!
  13. D

    Rurouni Kenshin

    who else likes this show and who says it rules!
  14. D

    Marluxia help

    O okay thanks dude!
  15. D

    Marluxia help

    theirs a second? well im on the first one