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    Learn any new tricks?

    This. I never knew how great the combination of ethers, magnega, and thundaga were when powerleveling to 99 in TWTNW. I also learned on my KH2FM playthrough how beneficial it is to level up Wisdom form in the first area on your first visit to TWTNW. Tons of shadows spawn, and you can just run...
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    Level 99 Roxas

    lol I might even start trying to do this
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    I Got Final Mix+!!!!!!

    lol that would be kinda hard to get used to:toungesmile:
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    the DS is just about the same as the GBA just better graphics, new games , and a whole new screen so yes to both question =)
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    The" i beat KH1" thread

    1.Did you get the ultima weapon,save the king and save the queen?(all) YES 2.What's your max level? 99 3.Did you retrieve all the 99 dalmatians? YES 4.Did you finish Phil cup to platinum/gold cup? YES 5.Did you beat kurt zisa and phantom without no 2nd try? only kurt ziza 6. did you finish...
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    A tip to win battles in COM

    nice strategy not nice double post
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    The" i beat KH1" thread

    1. yes 2. 99 3.yes 4.yes 5.only kurt ziza 6. I dont really remember
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    KH Computer Remake

    it also seems like it would be harder to control sora
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    Kingdom Hearts DS

    nice find its pretty cool
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    the only bad part is that you cant heal
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    The Music in Re:Chain of Memories are remaked.

    thats a good thing Im not surprised though
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    Most hated Organization Member

    i hate vexen...he laughs like a chick
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    the riku vs. riku fights are all easy except the last one
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    Windows Live Messenger Virus???

    My friend sent me a link that had my name in it and so I opened it and it asked if i wanted to open or save the file so I opened it then my virus protector popped up and said virus found and deleted then a lot of people said wtf? and I said what and they said why did u send me that (but i didnt...
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    Help/Support ► Friend problems

    I think you should first ask her what is wrong and if she just gets mad leave her alone for a while