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Recent content by Darkness Riku

  1. D

    kh2 similar to pendragon

    Who would be the most evil? Saint Dane or Ansem/Xemnas? I'd go with Saint Dane.
  2. D

    Fusing with allies?

    Besides Donald and Goofy,who else do you think he will be able to fuse with?I'm hoping he could fuse with someone like the BHK or or Riku.
  3. D

    Kingdom Hearts II Quotes

    The one with The Majesty got me,I didn't see that one.It's pretty easy who's saying it though,either Donald or Goofy,probably.
  4. D

    What keyblade combo would you chose

    Ummm.....The sword Riku uses?
  5. D

    Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

    Re: kingdomhearts final mix The rainbow Guard Armor is the weirdest boss I've seen.It looks like a clown painted it.
  6. D

    Will there be a level limit for the Items?

    I was wondering,because before you'd have to be at level 3 to get a certain item,and level 6 to get another.I don't want to try and save up for an item if I'm at at the wrong level.
  7. D

    Found it!

    I think you get to MODIFY your keyblade,like make it longer,or a new color.
  8. D

    Cloud in KH2???

    Well,there is a rumor about Vincent being in KH2,but I wouldn't count on it.They might also put Squall,Aerith,and everyone back on too.
  9. D

    What's the Gummi Ship?

    There made of the meteor materials,which it says in Ansem's report.
  10. D

    Favorite Special Ability In Chain of Memories

    The one's I like best are Ragnarok,Omnislash,and Judgement.
  11. D

    Funny COM flash.

    Wow,that wasn't too bad.Alan should make more,it would be a great website.
  12. D

    Secret Items in KH?

    The game's been out for about 3 years,someone would've found how to do it by now.And Gameshark only gives the known keyblades.
  13. D

    Did Kairi inadvertently make Sora a Keyblade Master?

    Re: Kairi I think Sora was acting more like storage for her heart,not changing anything about Kairi,and definitely not a keyblade Master,she can't exactly fight.
  14. D

    What happen to fake Riku in COM?

    Yeah,The real Riku got him good,and he probably went to the place where Riku's heart would of gone, at least that's what it said after you beat him.
  15. D

    Ultima Weapon

    Re: Hottest Eva! The Ultima weapon will probably still be there,and so will synthesis. You should be able to make or modify your own keyblades through synthesis. Square Enix will probably just change the way you get it , like a prize for beating the game on Hard, or something like that.