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Darkness of White

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  • Oh, man. I'm sorry. I'm a full-time college student, though, and I need to bring my GPA up, or I could lose my funding......Lol.
    It was totally my first anime too!!!! I've been watching the Japanese version, and it's so different from the English, lol.
    Thanks for the rep. It's just some random siggy I found somewhere online, lol. Don't even remember where, lol.
    The dream: I was in my room trying to get an article out of the cover of a magazine whilst outside my room everyone was depressed. Suddenly someone says they're going to the school nearby to say goodbye to the world because a volcano was going to explode on the moon. I was not buying it and just continued on fiddling with the cover. Eventually I got it out and decided to check out what was going on and when I got outside, the volcano erupted with a big bang and the shockwave hit the earth and incinerated everything. I ran back inside with a couple of people, closed the door and prayed. Then I woke up.
    So you tell me what it was xD
    We dun celebrate Turkey day ovar here xD Did you have a good one? And it's going great with me, though my dreams are rather o_o. How you doin?
    Either you're that schizophrenia acting up again ORRRRRRR I'm sorry, I don't know :'( I'm soooooooo sorry ='( I've been trying to remember so hard but I just know to many people with Darkness and of in their name.
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