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Darkness of White

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  • *holds onto you too and finishes drinking your blood then licks your and it starts to heal* Thanks kitten. Btw, hope you don't mind me calling you that.
    I know but I was being distracted from our conversation. *goes back to sucking the bite I made on you earlier*
    Right. Besides us meeting is probably unlikely to happen unless either one us wants anyway. But.........you know what can go back to drinking your blood again all this talking is making me thirsty.
    Ah, okay then. Of course for me here I'm having no luck in finding a girl and I'm not sure if I want to go out to find a girl seeing that I broke up with my last girlfriend weeks ago.
    Wait back that up. Are you saying you'd want to be my girlfriend when we meet or am I losing my head from the low levels of blood I've drunken?
    Thats good because thats how all my girlfriends started out. They like it that I'm a vampire and like it when I drink their blood and that I can grow roses and turn into a small fox. BTW Kitten, I'm wasn't finished drinking so do you mine if I continue?
    What felt good? Pushing me? And I'm okay. It's not like I sat on a porcupine or a sea urchin when I feel huh.
    Oh, gotcha. I thought you were hit by the forum virus like. Yeah, I can only chat on my Wii which sucks! But thats good to know and I would love some of your blood right now. I've only been sucking on werewolf blood which a few of my friends are.

    But if your hungry as well my blood is always free for you too if ya want it that is.
    Hey DoW, how've you been? You haven't been on since we talk last time on your FC. I figured you were probably busy or you were probably hit by the forum virus on here.

    If so, your not the only one who's been hit by it. In fact this message I'm sending right now to you, I'm typing it on my Wii because my laptop can't stay on the site long enough for me to check one single thing on here

    Anyways hope to see ya again real soon its been a while since I've had a drink and my girlfriend broke up with me over a week ago so I have no one to give me blood now. But no matter I'll find someone sooner or later (hope sooner cause I can't go on another week without blood).

    Many hugs,
    Buster (btw, this is my real name) *leaves a rose here for you as a welcome gift when you get back*
    You shouldn't drop it, well, I guess it's up to you, but I'm sure if you really tried you could get through it, love. I know it!
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