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    Warcraft Movie Directed by Sam Raimi

    Blizzard recently announced a Warcraft movie to be directed by Sam Raimi, well known for directing the Spider-Man , Evil Dead movies as well as 30 Days of Night and Drag Me To Hell. Source: Blizzard Entertainment - Press Release :D Discuss
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    Seniors - Class of '09.

    I bet a lot of people here are about to graduate or already graduated. How are you feeling about leaving high school? Any worries? What are your plans for yr future? I'm personally excited, although i'll probably find it weird the first couple of days/weeks. I start college in a couple...
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    Lit ► Atlas Shrugged

    I had to read this in a week in order to pass my lit. class. Br00tal. It seemed to drag on forever but it was all worth it. Who else has read this epic (literally) novel and what did you think of it.
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    District 9

    YouTube - District 9 - Official Trailer I lol'd at the blurred face cockroach. Everything else seems pretty legit. What do u guys think? Looking forward to this one?
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    Fleet Foxes

    you either love em, hate em, or think they're ok. (<---click) I personally love them. especially Blue Ridge Mountains, White Winter Hymnal and Mykonos. The whole album is great to drive to, walk to, and just relax to,
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    Kid Cudi

    will be the biggest name in hip-hop in '09. and if he's not, then he damn well should be. YouTube - Kid Cudi - Day 'n' Nite (Video,Lyrics & Download) again, Kid Cudi. is. great.
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    Yeah Yeah Yeahs - IT'S BLITZ!

    New Yeah Yeah Yeahs album leaked this week. It's Blitz! Even tho it's a more electronica-dance sounding than their past punk-revival stuff, it's still a solid enjoyable album. Anyone heard it yet? oh, and hi btw.
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    THIS IZ TUFF..bob saget.

    So this is the deal. About a year and half ago I met this girl. We talked for a while and became really good friend. Then I found out she lived 1 street away from me. Things got awesome. Then we grew apart. And my best friend took a fancy towards her. They went out, on & off for about a year...
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    Prison Break

    Season IV. YouTube - Prison Break Season 4 Promo 1 & 2 THIS MONDAY. Hopefully this season is gonna be better than the last one. Oh yea Sarah is baaaaaaack.
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    Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

    Last 5 movies watched. Manic - Independent movie about teenagers in a mental institution. Intense. I loved it. Thank You For Smoking - Comedy about a spokesman for a tobacco company. I loved Aaron Eckhart in this. Into the Wild - Beautifuly shot movie about a guy who just.....leaves...
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    Bloc Party - Intimacy (New Album)

    So Bloc Party's new album came out a couple days ago as a digital only album. I actually didn't know it came out until today. Track Listing 1. Ares 2. Mercury YouTube - Bloc Party - Mercury 3. Halo 4. Biko 5. Trojan Horse 6. Signs 7. One Month Off 8. Zephyrus 9. Better Than...
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    [Music] The Cool Kids

    Hip-Hop-duo The Cool Kids. so fresh. so fly. :Y Recently downloaded their The Bake Sale EP. Something different in the rap world. YouTube - Cool Kids - Black Mags official music video YouTube - THE COOL KIDS - I'M MIKEY
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    [Music] The Wombats

    Catchy band from England. So what else is new right? YouTube - The Wombats - Let's Dance to Joy Division Know em? Like em? Not really? discuss.
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    Anyone else..

    ..completely lose interest in KH after joining KHI? (also move if necessary)