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    wait a minute... roxas is ven after all??

    on the home page of khinsider you see a picture (beatiful artwork btw) of sora, jiminy, king mickey, org XIII and the ones from the secret ending... but when you look to ven... he... looks ALOT like roxas... the clothes the face everything... so were we all wrong and is ven roxas after all...
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    a question about Axel and Roxas

    i think it's because roxas is in connection with naminé... who is a noboy of one of the seven princesses... who have no darkness in their hearts. and because sora loves kairi roxas shares the emotions with sora because sora-kairi-roxas-naminé are all connected... you also notice that when roxas...
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    Xehanort = Ven ???? (just a theory)

    you know think of the idea that ven is xehanort??? wait i explain Ven was a arrogant keyblade holder and wanted to be stronger than his friend terra he wanted to proof himself by attacking the bald guy... terra hold him because of protection... a time later he attacks the bald guy and loses...
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    i think i know who terra is!!

    something blinked in my head... my theory on terra is: he is xehanort... it first got me when i saw pictures of them and they look alike i mean... it all fits right?? he calls ven his 'friend'. he lost his memories and was found by Diz or mickey who you see at the end of the secret ending of...