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Recent content by DarkeTiger

  1. D


    I don't think they're connected, I think the mansion was just used as a hideout to house sora until he could be awakened and he was moved from castle oblivion or whatever (haven't played chain of memories so I'm not really sure)
  2. D

    What would be your theme song?

    I would've had Wicked Game (various people have resung it) Or if everyone died in the end I'd have Eulogy by Tool
  3. D

    Does Sora own more than one keyblade? -Theory-

    Sora could probably just keep summoning keyblades and make some giant keyblade pile or make a house out of keyblades =P
  4. D

    What is its name?

    I thought Marluxia was put in charge of taking care of Castle Oblivion, like a major domo or duke, etc
  5. D

    ff7 in kh series

    Well FF8 kind of rivals FF7, as it has an okay fan base, but I reckon it'd have a stronger one if it had other titles to promote it more, as FF7 would most likely be weaker without its other titles (especially advent children)
  6. D

    ff7 in kh series

    FFVII had a lot of help continuing by different releases containing characters from the game (dirge of cerberus, advent children, etc) Had FFVIII had that kind of attention it might be as popular as FFVII right now, though FFX-2 just sucked and killed it
  7. D

    i have a question

    None of them are gay, they just have gay moments At most they'd be slightly metrosexual (straight, just acting gay) It's like calling Jin from Samurai Champloo gay, he's not gay, even though he went to see a female prostitute several times and never had sex with her
  8. D

    the ending

    I really hate it how games do that, they should just take you back to the final save point and put some sort of achievement in your diary and you can go and finish side quests or fight the final boss again
  9. D

    the Klepto club???

    It'd probably be called the Kleptafia, Kleptokuza or Kleptoiads (mafia, yakuza, triads)
  10. D

    Does Sora own more than one keyblade? -Theory-

    How do you know its a guaranteed no? Disney has a lot of stupid things in their games, same with Square
  11. D

    Does Sora own more than one keyblade? -Theory-

    DarkeTiger Well each keychain could come from their respective worlds - Oblivion (Hollow Bastion), I think with the Sephiroth one you mean Fenrir (Midgar), Gullwing (Spira)
  12. D

    Does Sora own more than one keyblade? -Theory-

    It's a theory in itself, since you usually get a keychain when you seal a world, and that the keyblade is used to release hearts
  13. D

    Does Sora own more than one keyblade? -Theory-

    I've always thought of the keychains as the heart of a world
  14. D

    Traverse Town

    I thought Twilight Town was the base world for KH2
  15. D

    Heartless and Nobody Speculation

    I'm just a KH2 nutter and have way too much time on my hands, considering I never do my homework or study =S I'm goin' to fail oh noes