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    Would you Rather?

    This is a game where you make a decision for the person to make such as Dark Star:Would you Rather eat a squirrel, or eat tree bark Random member: would rather eat a squirrel. I may close this thread if it goes out of hand.
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    I'm Back

    Hello members of KHI, I'm back. I got banned for a month till december 23. But I was to busy with my gifts from christmas. I got a PS3! With Assassins creed, sonic the hedgehog, and surfs up. Some people here may hate me. I don't know why though. Well I have learned from my mistakes and...
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    Any of you eat at Mcdonalds. I go there every once in a while. But the last time I went there my stomach started hurting really bad. I just want to know if you'll like Mcdonalds. Edit: Oh crap how stupid of me. This is in the wrong section. Can A mod move this to the discussion forum...
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    Your first Video game

    In this thread you may post what your first video game ever was. Mine was FFVII for the PS1. Got the idea from What was your first console (system).
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    Your thoughts on the war in Iraq.

    What do you think about the war. I think Bush is plain crazy sending troops to Iraq risking their lives. He says that he sent them there to find nuclear weapons, but they found none (I believe). And the middle east have their own police force, don't they. So any way discuss your thoughts on...
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    PC problems (virus)

    Well sometimes my computer acts up and doesn't function right. Oh I have dial up. and it doesn't act right on the internet. Well it's fine now. So I guess you all can discuss on how to fix it or whatever. My mom says that it's because of the forums. I'm not sure if it is or not.
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    ~*-{The Monkeybutt Fan Club}-*~

    This fan club is just for monkeybutt. monkeybutt is a good mod, and is helpful. Any one that's a friend of monkeybutt or just likes him can post here.
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    Optical Illusions

    Optical Illusions It's an assortment of illusions. They are cool, but a little creepy at the same time.
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    The Question Thread

    In this thread you may ask a question and some one will respond to it. You can't ask any stupid questions like when will I die?, or When will your mom shut up? (lol) You may ask questions such as When will Final Fantasy 13 come out?, or What is rep? (newbies). So let the questions begin. My...
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    Action Replay & GameShark (and Codebreaker)

    We all now that they are cheating devices to use in order to beat the game with ease. I don't have an action replay (or codebreaker), but I have the gameshark disc you put in your PS2 and highlight the cheats than insert the game disk that corresponds to the highlighted cheats. And I'm going...
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    Rise of the Dragons

    Chapter 1 The beginning of a myth There was a teen named Zarock, he had green eyes, brown hair and semi light skin. He was 17 and wore a light blue shirt with a white jacket and jeans. He lived in a city known as Jorock, on the country side with his father. He wore a necklace that was gold...
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    Speed reading

    Does any one know how to speed read. If you don't know what it means than heres a link Speed reading - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I know every one knows how to, but most people don't get what there saying in the book when they speed read, Happens to me most of the time.
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    Iron Man

    This is a marvel movie called Iron Man (my 3rd favorite marvel character) I don't know much about it because I only seen the preview for it in the movies. I think it comes out in 2009 (correct me if I'm wrong). So you'll can discuss about it.
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    I'm back

    Hello KH members. I'm back. As you can see I'm not new because I am a premium member and started in March. And yeah thats it.
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    Pokemon vs Mario vs Zelda

    Which video game series or franchise would win. For me its a tough decision. Pokémon is fun to play because you can catch,train,and battle with Pokémon. Zelda games are cool because Link is awesome and Twilight princess was cool. And Mario is cool because of its games such as Mario hoops 3...