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    hi i think u need some more freinds!
    Yea, I left the site for such a long time.. Sora here kept telling me to come to KHI but I never got around to it... eventually I came and I'm pretty happy here :D We'll hafta talk some more we didn't really do that much at FFF D:
    Hey, slight problem with your post, so I noticed. The cells surrounding us are energy, transparent, walls. Even though he described them as 'cells' they are not composed of bars. So you can't stick your hands through.

    Up to him to bring it up though, just thought I'd mention it
    I know it's started, trust me. I watch everything I'm involved in. I'm waiting for EVERYONE to post. Otherwise, it'll be complicated.
    You if you really want to rp with me so bad, join my rp..its quite interesting, and i think yo umight find the story quite interesting, its the one called Battle For Wract.
    Interesting. Anyways, if no one posts today, I might go for the second post just letting you know. I thought there was a posting order, that's why I haven't done it yet.
    Good call on the immortality- Most people never try to lock him away or anything, but that is the only way to beat him. A checkmate. Clever thinking on your part- lets see if you can to it ;)
    Ah, well you don't know me on FFF. So what made you join khi, there was a bigger viriety of kh forums, so why this one.
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